Love Island 2016: Terry Walsh and Emma-Jane Woodham KISS (Sorry, Malin Andersson!)

Love Island 2016

Terry Walsh enjoys a kiss with Tom Powell's ex Emma-Jane Woodham on Love Island 2016 tonight.

It comes just a day after he suddenly got over Malin Andersson following her exit from the villa, claiming he was going to DUMP her anyway.

On Sunday in the villa, new girl Emma received a text asking her to choose a fellow Islander to take on a date and she didn’t hesitate in asking Terry to join her.

Love Island 2016

After enjoying a tandem bike ride together, the pair sat down for a glass of bubbles and talked about their mutual attraction to each other.

Aware of how quickly he’s moving on from Malin, Terry admitted to Emma: “It’s weird. It’s been a quick turnaround with me and Malin. She is a lovely girl, but I just don’t think we’re right for each other. It’s nice coming here with you as a breath of fresh air and a clean start.”

Terry then asked Emma how she was feeling about the impact she’s potentially had on Tom and Sophie’s relationship.

Emma said: “I do feel anxious at the moment that he’s going to try and turn it on me and blame me for the problems he and Sophie are having, now there’s someone to blame.”

Terry’s main concern was whether Tom would try it on with Emma if things didn’t work out with Sophie. Emma reassured him, saying: “I don’t think he’s that stupid to make himself look like that much of a mug. He knows I’m not in that place anymore.”

As the pair giggled and smiled at each other, Terry and Emma finished their first date together with a kiss.

Back in the villa, Tina was feeling out of the cold having agreed to couple up with Terry on a friendship level, out of respect for Malin.

Getting upset, Tina told Nathan: “It’s so s***. Why do I always try and be a nice person? It’s annoying because now I’m going to be the one left to go home. There’s no point anymore. I’m stuck between a s*** place and a hard rock, if that’s the expression.”

Realising that she liked Terry more than she’d previously admitted, Tina decided she had nothing to lose and took him to one side to find out if the feeling was mutual.

Tina explained to Terry: “I think when I saw you in the beginning, I just saw you as Malin’s boyfriend. Then, seeing you move on so quickly I started to see you in a different way.”

Love Island 2016

She continued: “I’m annoyed with myself, because I know you’ve moved on and [Emma’s] your type and you really like her. I never say my emotions. I just had to say something, because now I know and I can leave it at that and move on from it. But if you don’t say anything, it makes things worse and you find it more and more annoying.”

Terry tried to let Tina down gently, saying: “You are really attractive, you are. I just didn’t get that energy from you.”

Love Island 2016 airs tonight at the later time of 10PM on ITV2.

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