Love Island 2016: Emma-Jane Woodham reveals why she dumped Tom Powell

Emma gets to know her Islanders

Emma-Jane Woodham has explained just why she dumped her Love Island ex Tom Powell... to his current partner Sophie Gradon.

In tonight's show, Sophie and new girl Emma received a text telling them to get ready to leave the villa for some one to one time with each other.

As they got ready, Emma told Sophie that she thought her ex Tom would be nervous, saying: “Tom’s going to be s**ting himself. I think that’s just natural though. If my ex was going on a date with my new girlfriend I’d be like ‘For f***’s sake’.”

Over a coffee Emma tried to explain to Sophie why she had some unfinished business with Tom, saying: “We did start talking about meeting up and [Tom] kept saying ‘Come see me’, come stay if you want’. The way he was with me in those texts, if he knew he was coming on this show then what was the need [to message me]? After four months of being disconnected, I thought it was a little bit like him getting that one last dig in.”

After Sophie asked Emma why they broke up, Emma told her: “He’d been texting his ex girlfriend, basically saying that she was the love of his life and that me and him would never compare to him and her.

"That’s why I didn’t kick off; I just ended things there and then.”

Revealing to Sophie that she had her sights set on Terry, Emma said: “I don’t have any intentions with Tom.

"Terry, maybe, but not Tom. I do [like Terry]. He’s very sweet and I think he’s got this really cheeky side to him that I really like.”

Grateful for the opportunity to have some one on one time, Emma told Sophie: “It’s been really nice coming out and having a chat with you away from everybody else so we can actually be really honest with each other and clear the air.”

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2.

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