Love Island 2016: Terry Walsh is already OVER Malin Andersson!

Terry doesn't miss Malin

Terry Walsh makes a shock confession on tonight's Love Island 2016 following Malin Andersson's exit.

Malin made a shock departure from the villa last week after polling bottom in a public vote of the girls.

Terry initially vowed to follow her out but eventually decided to stay, and now he's had time to reflect on their relationship.

This weekend, Terry said: “I’ll be honest with you, I’m just not missing Malin one bit. I don’t know if it’s because I’m just having me time. I should be hurting right now.

Terry tells Emma she's his type
Terry tells Emma she's his type

"When I met Malin, the spark was amazing. But as time went on, she was just chipping and chipping and chipping. I said up there, ‘Babe, you’re pushing me away’. I went to bed that night and in my head I was like ‘When I wake up, I’ve got to break up with her. I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but I can’t go on like this – it is killing me’.

"All I want to do is be happy with someone and move forward. I don’t want to keep moving back into our past.”

Terry then confessed that he was struggling with his conscience as he found himself attracted to new girl Emma-Jane: “The worst thing is, she is bang on my type.”

Terry’s sudden attraction to Emma came as a shock to Tina as earlier in the week he had promised to couple up with her.

After chatting to Emma-Jane, Terry told some of the Islanders that his agreement with Tina was platonic and that they were free to go with other people should someone new come into the villa.

Kady of course wasted no time in relaying Terry’s words to Tina, who was taken aback by the news. She said: “That’s p***ed me off, I’m actually shaking. It’s annoying, are you joking me? He hasn’t spoken to me.”

Tina continued: “A girl walks in and within a day he’s now saying he’s going to couple up with her. At least talk to me about it first – I was the one who agreed to it for you. I just feel like I’ve been made a t**t of after five minutes.”

Kady shocked at Terry
Kady shocked at Terry

Annoyed by how quickly Terry seemed to be moving on, Kady said: “He’s not even thinking about Malin, he doesn’t care about her. Terry and Malin were official! Now he’s not even thinking about her. I think he could get that close with another girl. I get it if it was like in a week but it’s only been a day or two.”

Love Island 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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