Love Island 2016: Emma-Jane Woodhm leaves ex Tom Powell stunned as she joins the villa

tom powell li emma

Emma-Jane Woodhm leaves ex Tom Powell nearly speechless when she joins the Love Island 2016 villa tonight.

On Friday night, a text sent to single guys Adam and Terry read: "Tonight you will be going on a date with a new arrival. Please make your way out to the front of the villa #DoubleDate."

The pair went out to meet Emma-Jane, who revealed she had been single for the past six months having split from Tom back in December.

After her double date with the Love Island hunks came to an end, Emma was escorted back to the villa with Adam and Terry on each arm.

She walked in and Tom got quite the shock, reacting: "Oh my f***ing God"

He tells the beach hut: "That was a shocker, she walked through the door, my ex-girlfriend."

Speaking before joining Love Island yesterday, 19-year-old Emma Jane predicted: "Tom won’t be impressed. I’ll eat a bikini if he doesn’t hit the roof."

The new addition to the villa is sure to cause fireworks, following rows between Tom and current partner Sophie Gradon.

On Friday's show, Sophie revealed to the girls that Tom’s mood swings are becoming increasingly difficult for her to handle. Concerned that it’s preventing her from being herself, Sophie told them that she’s worried that he’s pushing her away.

Explaining how difficult Tom is to be with, Sophie continued: “He’s so sensitive and I do walk on eggshells around him. I want to be myself in here and not have to worry about what I’m saying. I do worry constantly, because I’m so afraid of upsetting him.”

Sophie decided to talk to Tom face to face about her concerns, as they lay on the outside bed.

She told him: “You’re just so difficult Tom. We’re hugging one minute and then you move away the next. I’m like ‘What have I done now, I thought we were making up here’. I just don’t know what to do.”

Tom asked: “Do you want to call it quits?”

Sophie replied “Why, do you want to call it quits?”

Tom said: “No, but it seems like I’m always making you unhappy.”

Sophie concluded: “Well, stop making me unhappy then.”

Love Island 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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