Love Island's Malin Andersson warns Emma-Jane Woodham to stay away from Terry Walsh


Love Island's Malin Andersson has warned Emma-Jane Woodham to stay away from her man.

Emma-Jane joined the Love Island villa on Friday following Malin's shock exit in the week.

And she immediately went on a date with Malin's former partner Terry Walsh who had decided to stay in the villa after the public voted Malin out.

"She best stay away..." Malin tweeted as she watched the show now at home.

Malin went on to tell fans: "I adore [Terry] to bits.. I will support him until/if he mugs me off. I know how editing can be so I'm just gonna have to wait and see."

She continued: "We have a genuine connection and I know how we left it. If I'm wrong I'm wrong and that means he was fake all along. Time will TEL!

"He's my All. Just waiting patiently that's all. I'm no mug."

Malin added: He can do what he wants. As soon as he kisses someone he's gone from my life."

While she may have gone on a date with Terry, there is possibly another guy in the villa that Emma-Jane may be interested in: Her ex and current Love Islander Tom Powell.

Speaking before joining Love Island, 19-year-old Emma Jane predicted: "Tom won’t be impressed. I’ll eat a bikini if he doesn’t hit the roof.

"I think he’ll go off at me first then he’ll make it his mission to go around all the guys and make sure they’re not going to crack on with me.

"He won’t like to see me with another guy, he won’t be able to stand that.

"If he gets annoyed with seeing me and another guy getting close, my answer would be ‘How do you think I felt having to see you and Sophie together?’"

Love Island continues 9PM Sunday night on ITV2.

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