Love Island 2016: Meet new guys Troy Frith and Oliver Maxwell Fernandez!

love island 2016 new guys

Two new hunks will enter Love Island 2016 this weekend - but how long will they stay?

This weekend will see the Love Island villa get two unannounced arrivals as Troy Frith and Oliver Maxwell Fernandez walk in.

However they may not be around for long, given a challenge to fight for their spot on the show.

See how they get on and how the other Islanders react on Sunday night, 9PM on ITV2.

Troy Frith

troy love island 2016
Troy, 23, works in sales and is from Bexley, London.

Asked what he'll bring to the Island that no one else will, Tory says: "Some excitement for once, I’m going to bring that to the table, definitely. More laughter too.

"There’s a lot of drama in there at the minute and I want to make it more fun and for everyone to have a laugh."

And he's got his eye on one girl already: "I might not get on with Scott, because I think Kady’s fit. There’s a chance of me and Scott clashing because I’m quite a dominant person."

Oliver Maxwell Fernandez

oliver love island 2016
Oliver, 25, is a model from Barnet.

"I’ll change things up a bit because I’m going in as myself," says Olivia, "I’m not planning on making loads of new friends and being one of the lads.

"I’m going to be myself and see who I attract."

As for his perfect girl in the current Love Island ladies, Oliver added: "In terms of looks, Tina would be the closest. But Kady’s also caught my eye. She’s hard work and I can tell she’s crying out for someone who can actually take control of her. "

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