Love Island 2016: Will Kady McDermot and Scott Thomas make it official?


Kady McDermot and Scott Thomas's Love Island status as official girlfriend and boyfriend could be on the horizon.

In tonight's show, following a rare few argument free days, the pair are given the task of cooking dinner for the villa, they headed out to the market to grab some ingredients.

The couple took the opportunity of having time alone to assess their relationship. They also discussed whether they should follow in some of their fellow-islanders’ footsteps and make their partnership ‘official’.

Reflecting on their relationship in the Beach Hut, Scott said: “I think me and Kady have been classed as a joke couple. We’ve not been taken very seriously. It’s a big test, let’s see if we can get through today without arguing. We haven’t argued for the last four or five days. Everything’s been sweet. But when we’re on top of each other today, you never know what could happen.”

Having a break from shopping, Scott and Kady talked through their ups and downs.

Back in the villa, Kady talked to Tina and Scott talked to Terry about their earlier conversation together.

Kady explained to Tina that Scott had been keen for them to make it work on the outside and that he wanted to make their coupling official. She said: “He said ‘When we come out, I want you to come to Manchester and stay at mine for a week. I’ll take you everywhere’. Because he knows I like nice restaurants and that. That was really sweet. He said he does want to make it official in here, he just wants to wait until the time’s right.”

When Tina asked Kady if she felt the time was right now, Kady replied: “Not yet.”

In a separate conversation, Scott told Terry that Kady was the one who was keen to make their coupling official. Scott told him: “We talked about the future outside here. I know it’s early days. She’s even talking about making it official. It’s just weird mate. To be honest, I don’t want to put a label on anything.”

Scott contemplated that the biggest test for his relationship with Kady would be new boys entering the villa and that he hopes Kady’s new-relaxed approach to their relationship will last. Scott told Terry: “The biggest test is going to be when new guys come in. I’ve took my risk and right now it’s paid off. If she goes back to the way she was, she’s not only fooled me, she’s fooled everyone else.”

Terry reassured Scott that Kady had learned a lot from the fallout of Scott’s date with Tina. Pointing it out as a turning point in their relationship, Terry said: “It takes something like what happened that night when she was locked away. The way she was the following day, breaking down. I’ve never seen Kady cry. She’s always this big tough cookie. It’s nice to see that she’s got a heart.”

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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