Love Island 2016: Girls set the guys' pulses racing in new task

Love Island

It was all down to the girls in the latest Love Island 2016 task.

In the latest challenge - which will air tonight from 9PM on ITV2 - the girls were tasked with getting their boy’s pulse racing. The girl that manages to raise their boy’s heart rate the most would win a prize for them.

Dressed to impress, the girls each attempted to raise their boy’s heart rate in their own unique way.

After the challenge, Cara admitted that her attempt to increase Nathan’s heart rate didn’t go as planned: “I think we all underestimated how funny it would be.

"We all thought ‘Yeah I’m going to be well sexy.’ We got in there and literally all just wet our pants.”

Olivia agreed, saying that her efforts to impress were comical: “The challenge was absolutely hilarious.

"You can try to be sexy, but it just did not work. It’s the least sexiest I have ever felt.”

Kady revealed that she had a trick up her sleeve when it came to her partner Scott: “I thought tactically, instead of trying to be sexy. To get his heart up, he hates being tickled.

"So I put his arms up behind him, handcuffed him and tickled the s**t out of him.”

Watch the ridiculous scenes and find out who won when Love Island continues tonight on ITV2 from 9PM.

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