Love Island 2016: Tom Powell's ex Emma-Jane Woodham makes a shock entrance

Love Island 2016

Emma-Jane Woodhm, ex of current Love Islander Tom Powell, joins the villa in tonight's show on ITV2.

A text sent to single guys Adam and Terry reads: "Tonight you will be going on a date with a new arrival. Please make your way out to the front of the villa #DoubleDate."

The pair went out to meet Emma-Jane, who revealed she had been single for the past six months.

However she didn't reveal her former status with Tom, who was back in the villa with current partner Sophie Gradon blissfully unaware.

After her double date with the Love Island hunks came to an end, Emma was escorted back to the villa with Adam and Terry on each arm.

She walked in, Nathan remarked on the similarities between her and Sophie before Tom got quite the shock.

Speaking before joining Love Island yesterday, 19-year-old Emma Jane predicted: "Tom won’t be impressed. I’ll eat a bikini if he doesn’t hit the roof.

"I think he’ll go off at me first then he’ll make it his mission to go around all the guys and make sure they’re not going to crack on with me.

"He won’t like to see me with another guy, he won’t be able to stand that.

"If he gets annoyed with seeing me and another guy getting close, my answer would be ‘How do you think I felt having to see you and Sophie together?’"

And as for Sophie, Emma-Jane continued: "I don’t think we’ll have a problem at all. I think she might be intrigued to ask me quite a few questions about Tom, which I’ll answer honestly.

"I’ll make it clear to her that it’s not her I’ve got a problem with, obviously she has no loyalties to me so crack on."

Adding that she's sure to bring fireworks to the villa, Emma-Jane will join Love Island in tonight's show at 9PM on ITV2.

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