Love Island 2016: Terry Walsh couples up with Tina Stinnes after Malin Andersson exit


Love Island's Terry Walsh has coupled up with Tina Stinnes after Malin Andersson's eviction.

Having decided to stay in the villa, Terry explained his next move to Scott. To secure his place in the villa in the event of a recoupling, Terry decided that Tina was his best bet, telling Scott: “I’m going to speak to Tina tonight, and like just to say to her, ‘You know my position at the minute’, I think like she’s a cool girl. We can just get to know each other on a friendship level. I’ve been in this bubble with Malin, and I’m not saying I’m going to get with her. If your partner goes, like mine has, you have to take it as a positive thing and as a test.”

Pulling Tina to one side, Terry broached the subject of recoupling and said: “I’ve been analysing what’s going on and at the minute you haven’t really clicked with any guys. For me, I still want to gain so much from this experience and further it. Obviously, recoupling is coming up. If you wanted, I’d be more than happy to recouple with you. I like you as a person, you seem really down to earth and it wouldn’t be awkward if we had to do tasks together.”

Tina agreed that she’d be happy to couple up with Terry, as friends, and that it was a safer option for him than Liana. Tina told Terry: “When I spoke to Kady earlier. In my head, I have a lot of respect for Malin. I think if you coupled with Liana, Malin wouldn’t take it so well.”

As their conversation came to a close, Liana walked over and asked Terry for some time alone.

Asking Tina to leave, Liana also broached the subject of recoupling, in the hope that Terry would pick her. She said: “Basically, as we both know I think there’s going to be a recoupling. I don’t want to be with Adam for obvious reasons. Me and you, we could just be like a friendship.”

Terry didn’t waste any time in revealing that he’d already decided to couple up with Tina: “I’ll be totally honest with you, I’ve just had this chat with Tina and just out of respect for Malin, that would be the route I want to go down. It’s nothing against you. It’s hard enough for Malin to sit at home and see this. I just wouldn’t want to put her in a position – she knew you fancied me at the beginning – I feel like it would be p***ing on her.”

Love Island 2016 airs nightly on ITV2.

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