Zara Holland says her time on Love Island was 'the biggest mistake of my life'

Love Island 2016 Zara

Zara Holland has opened up about her time on Love Island 2016 in an honest interview.

The former Miss GB left the show at the weekend due to a family illness just days after being stripped of her pageant title.

This morning, Zara spoke to Lorraine in her first TV interview since leaving Love Island and having her Miss Great Britain crown removed for her behaviour on the show.

Zara spoke to Lorraine about the reaction from her family and has called her actions on Love Island ‘the biggest mistake of her life’.

Zara explained: “It was really tough and I promised my mum when I went in I said ‘Mum do you know what? I’m not going to do anything naughty on TV’ and I let her down and I never ever wanted to let her down.

"We’re best friends, we have that very special bond and that was the worst thing, I know I’d let my family down.”

On THAT x-rated moment in Love Island's hideaway, Zara said: “It was in the moment and I made the biggest mistake of my life. It’s horrible.

"I was in the moment, I was in the hide away and I’d had a few glasses of champagne, I’m not blaming it on that; and earlier on that day we’d had a challenge and it was ‘mates rates’ and the new boys got to rate everyone in order of which they thought was the hottest girl and how much banter there was in the group and I was the fourth fittest girl and I didn’t apparently have much banter.

"So you start to think ‘oh am I really boring and am I not pretty?’ And it’s just sort of everything that day kind of contributed to it and I’m not making an excuse because I know I’m my own person and I made that decision and it literally was in the moment and it was the biggest mistake of my life and if I could go back in time and change it I would, because I never wanted to lose my Miss Great Britain title, ever.”

On losing the title of Miss Great Britain, Zara said: “Being Miss Great Britain is the biggest thing that ever happened to me and losing it is awful, I actually can’t put it into words.

"I worked so hard to be there and everyone supported me and in the last three years I’ve raised over £20,000 for various charities and I think as well when I was awarded the Miss Great Britain title I was so proud to represent my country and be a role model and show people that if you want to do something you can do it, if you put that 110% effort into it, go for it because you can achieve it and I achieved that, and then from one single mistake...”

On a possible return to Love Island, Zara added: “I’ve got no immediate plans to go back to Love Island but who knows, expect the unexpected on there is what they said to me.”

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