Love Island 2016: Malin Andersson thinks girls may have been jealous

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Malin cries

Malin Andersson has suggested she may have been dropped from Love Island because girls were jealous of her.

Malin made a shock exit from the villa on last night's show after a secret public vote.

Islanders were unaware that viewers had been voting for their favourite girl and with the fewest votes, Malin left the villa.

Speculating over why she had been given the boot by viewers, Malin suggested to DigitalSpy: "Terry is the hottest guy in there - girls are probably fuming and are like, 'f**k Malin!'

"Maybe they thought we were a strong couple and people would be voting for me, or they hated me!"

Malin went on to say that she hoped official boyfriend Terry Walsh would stay faithful to her now she had exited the show.

"I trust Terry and hopefully he won't go behind my back. Maybe he'll couple up to make a good friendship and do it that way. If he lies to me then I'll find out," Malin said.

She explaned: "We both agreed we're a couple - we both have strong feelings for each other and we were speaking about the outside a lot.

"He's a good guy and will remain faithful - hopefully. But you know what Love Island's like - they'll put someone in there, he's a guy at the end of the day."

Malin concluded that despite her exit, meeting Terry made her a winner.

She remarked: "I've won in that way - if he doesn't bloody cheat on me! I'm winning in that way."

Love Island continues at 9PM tonight on ITV2.

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