Love Island 2016: Will Terry Walsh follow Malin Andersson OUT of the villa?

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Terry Walsh faces a tough choice on tonight's Love Island 2016.

It follows the shock exit of his partner Malin Andersson in last night's elimination, leaving the villa after placing bottom in a public poll of the viewers' favourite girls.

As a tearful Malin said her goodbyes, Terry made the instinctive declaration that he would follow her out

But it seems as though the boys may have other ideas.

"No one wants you to leave," they plead with him.

Nathan tells terry: "The worst case scenario you're going to see her in three weeks, maybe sooner."

Terry replies: "I love every single one of you boys, I'm not just leaving for her I'm leaving you boys for her."

However in the beach hut, he admits: "I'm not going to win this on my own. And Malin is the one I want to be with."

If Terry does decide to stay, Malin hopes he'll be faithful to her.

"I trust Terry and hopefully he won't go behind my back. Maybe he'll couple up to make a good friendship and do it that way. If he lies to me then I'll find out," she said following her exit yesterday.

She explained to DigitalSpy: "We both agreed we're a couple - we both have strong feelings for each other and we were speaking about the outside a lot.

"He's a good guy and will remain faithful - hopefully. But you know what Love Island's like - they'll put someone in there, he's a guy at the end of the day."

Elsewhere in tonight's show, there's trouble in paradise for Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey who clash in the fallout of Malin's exit.

Love Island continues at 9PM tonight on ITV2

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