Love Island 2016: EXPLOSIVE rows follow shock revelations in new task

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It's an explosive night in the Love Island 2016 villa on the show this evening after a task causes major rows.

Yesterday saw a challenge which caused divisions in the group, as private conversations were revealed for all to hear, with big repercussions.

In scenes that will air tonight at 9PM on ITV, the Islanders took part in a game called ‘Mugged Off’ which revealed what had been said about one another behind their backs to reveal the muggiest mug in the villa.

After hearing each quote, the islanders had to guess who was being mugged off and throw a cold mug of builders brew over them. Obviously.

Love Island 2016

Some of the sensational revelations included:

Sophie mugging off Tom by saying: “I genuinely don’t think he’s the one for me”.

Adam mugging off Liana by saying: “I could bang her and then just choose Tina.”

Malin mugging off Olivia by telling Terry and Nathan her secret about Rykard: “Can I tell you both something but you can’t tell anyone? She f***ed Ry. A few days ago. Yeah don’t say… didn’t come from me ok?”

Kady mugging off Scott when she said she fancied James: “Head’s f***ed. I fancy the pants off him.”

Cue the arguments...

Scott v Kady

Love Island 2016
Scott was furious that Kady lied to him about fancying James. He confronted her: “I asked you so many times. You’re a f***ing liar.

"You were mugging me off. The whole game’s been about me being a mug. I just can’t believe that you’d go around saying things like that.

Olivia v Malin

Love Island 2016

Olivia was hurt and betrayed when it was revealed that one of her closest friends, Malin, broke her trust and blabbed to the boys about Olivia’s tryst with Rykard.

Malin apologised: “It was wrong of me. If they didn’t walk over then, I wouldn’t have said anything. It was just bad timing.”

But Olivia worried: “I see you as one of my really close friends and it just worries me and makes me feel disappointed.”

Tom v Sophie

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Tom struggled to deal with his feelings after it was revealed that Sophie had said she didn’t think he was the one for her.

He confessed: “We’ve literally just got into a good place and then to hear all that just knocks you back. I didn’t say one bad thing about her, which kind of upsets me. It’s very one sided.

"I don’t know where to go from here to be honest. I’m not angry, I’m just a bit upset that’s all. It just hurts to hear those things being said about you by the person you care about a lot.”

Liana v Adam

Love Island 2016

Liana was incensed by the revelation that Adam said he would ‘Bang her and then choose Tina’. Letting her feelings be known to Adam, and the rest of the islanders, she raised her voice to him: “How dare you say that comment when you didn’t even know me.”

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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