Love Island 2016 elimination! One girl gets dumped from the villa!

Love Island 2016 results tonight

Love Island 2016

One girl is eliminated the villa in tonight's Love Island 2016 results.

In last night's show, us fans were told to vote for our favourite of the girls in a free app vote.

Tonight the girl with the fewest votes will be dropped.

In scenes that will air from 9PM tonight on ITV2, the Islanders learn in a shock announcement that the public have been voting for their favourite girl. The girl with the fewest votes will be dumped from the island and will be leaving the villa then and there.

Tensions began to run high as the girls started to feel vulnerable and questioned their place in the villa:

New girl Liana admitted: “I think the two most vulnerable girls are me and Tina because we’ve had the shortest time to make impressions and I actually think I will be the one who’s getting dumped. People haven’t seen enough of me yet, or what they have seen is me trying to steal Alex away.”

Malin confessed: “None of the girls here are safe at all. Nobody knows what the public are voting for, what they like. We don’t have a bloody clue in here at all and it’s horrible.”

Olivia added: “I’m really worried. I don’t want to go. I’m not ready to leave, I’ve just found someone I like.”

As the Islanders gathered around the fire pit, the boys received texts gradually delivering the news they’ve all been waiting for.

See who goes when Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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