Zara Holland's mum admits surprise at her daughter's raunchy Love Island 2016 antics

Cheryl Hakeney "disappointed" by Miss Great Britain's decision to axe Zara


Former Miss Great Britain Zara Holland's mum has revealed she was "surprised" by her daughter's saucy antics on Love Island 2016, describing them as "not her proudest moment".

Zara was recently shown having sex on the ITV2 reality show, leading to her being stripped of her Miss GB title by the pageant's organisers.

However, while the model's mum Cheryl Hakeney - herself a former Miss Hull - was naturally shocked by the scenes, she's sad that they led to the 20-year-old being de-crowned.

Speaking to Heat magazine, Cheryl - an antiques expert who appears on ITV daytime show Dickinson's Real Deal - admitted: "I'm really surprised by Zara's behaviour - it's definitely out of character.

"But, although it's not her proudest moment, she hasn't committed any crime.

"I'm disappointed they took her title away. I hoped they would understand that all young women make mistakes."

Cheryl's comments came as Zara's successor Deone Robertson backed the decision to axe her.

Deone, who finished as runner-up in last year's Miss GB contest, told The Mirror: "We are supposed to be role models for young girls. You can't be seen naked or topless and you definitely cannot have sex on TV."

Zara initially opted to stay on Love Island after being told of her de-crowning, but has since quit due to an illness in her family.

Tonight's episode sees Zara's fellow contestants pay tribute to her by staging their own 'Miss Love Island' pageant.

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