Love Island 2016: Girls pay tribute to Zara Holland with Miss Love Island contest

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The Love Islanders put on their own Miss Love Island pageant in tonight's show to pay tribute to Zara Holland.

Former Miss GB Zara was forced to leave the villa over the weekend due to a family illness.

Yesterday - in scenes that will air this evening on ITV2 - the female Islanders were set a mission to pay tribute to Zara in their very own Miss Love Island challenge.

With each of the girls having to show off a talent, Malin drew a caricature of Zara, Kady tap danced with a twerking twist, Liana read a poem she’d written, Sophie sang, Tina tried her hand at comedy, Olivia hula-hooped, and Cara performed fire-breathing.

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After adding together their scores, the boys nominated Scott to deliver the result: “I genuinely mean this; you’ve all smashed it tonight. You’ve all done your own thing and it was literally amazing.”

Who will the boys choose to crown their Miss Love Island 2016?

Meanwhile, the guys were given a challenge of their own.

A text read: “Boys, today you will all be taking a Lesson In Love. Each of you will swot up on a romantic subject and the girls will then test you to find out who’s a professor of passion and who’s just a love fool.”

The boys were given various subjects to swot up on. Nathan lamented: “I had Sex Through History. I had [huge] paragraphs like that, it was like reading a novel.”

Tom was equally complacent about having to learn sexual facts about animals: ““All I remember is that elephants have a massive d**k and an alligator’s got a constant hard-on. That’s it, I’m done.”

For winning the boys' challenge, Scott entered the Love Island Pod for a special prize – a video call with his twin brother, Adam Thomas.

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And he had some home truths, telling Scott he needed to "man up" and tell Kady to "jog on".

Adam advised: "On the outside, she’s playing games and treating you like a mug. Get with Tina and then the game could begin bro.”

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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