Love Island 2016: Nocturnal naughtiness but who hooked up with who?!

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There was a lot of nocturnal naughtiness going on in the Love Island 2016 villa last night.

There was so much going on both inside and outside of the bedroom that few of the Islanders got much sleep.

As we saw in last night's show, Scott enjoyed a night of passion with Kady that had done their relationship wonders.

He admitted: “We had a great night in bed. We had a little bit of ‘make-up loving’, which is always the best. It was good. It’s been a good… 12 hours.”

Kady and Scott weren’t the only couple in the villa that were up close and personal, as Nathan and Adam revealed when they admitted to Alex that they were watching him and Olivia in bed.

Revealing that his relationship with Olivia was more than just sex, Alex said: “I didn’t expect to come in the villa and click with Olivia the way I have. Obviously I had to put a bit of graft in and redeem myself, but it didn’t take too much graft to get where I wanted.”

Meanwhile, Adam and new girl Tina lay on the outside bed to continue getting to know each other. Considering their sleeping options for that night, Adam and Tina decided to stay in the bed together downstairs.

The next morning, Adam revealed to the boys: “I took [Tina] to the side last night and just had a bit of banter, a bit of flirting and I just said ‘Do you want me to stay down here?’ And we did and we had a chat, a little spoon, and we got on well.

"I didn’t try and stick it up to her or force anything. Had a little cuddle, didn’t go in for a kiss. I’m playing it cool and it’s going well so far.”

However seeing Adam and Tina together left Liana in tears.

In the bedroom, the newbie cried in Scott’s arms as he advised her: “Be strong, it’s just one of those situations isn’t it.

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"Do you just feel a bit left out? You need to just focus on having a good time and make the most of it. If you let stuff like that bother you, you’ll regret it so much.”

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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