Love Island 2016: Security step in after a MAJOR fight

Love Island 2016 spoilers

love island fight

Security step in on tonight's Love Island as Kady McDermot erupts at Scott Thomas.

It's all after she was banished to the hideaway by new girl Tina Stinnes who chose to break Kady and Scott up to go on a date with him.

After seeing Scott and Tina walking away for their date - and making her feelings known - Kady confessed to Olivia: “I feel sick. All we can do is think the worst. I definitely kept my guard up because I was scared of getting hurt. I let my guard down a little bit and look what’s happening. Awful.”

Meanwhile, on their date, Scott told Tina: “I do apologise for Kady shouting at you as we were leaving the villa.”

Love Island 2016

Tina was unforgiving, explaining: “Talk to me, don’t shout across as I’m leaving. It’s not very nice.”

As the pair returned to the villa, Kady was watching on from the Hideaway. But as she tried to draw attention to herself, she became increasingly rattled when Scott and Tina ignored her: “Hello! Scott! Are they actually ignoring us? Hope you had a nice time. We watched everything.”

Tina immediately became tearful, upset at what Kady had yelled at her. In the Beach Hut, she sobbed: “It’s rude. I think everyone’s shocked with Kady’s behaviour. It’s not who [the islanders] have known longer.

"They’re just genuinely like thinking about what’s wrong and right. And I really respect that they’re being so nice. Everyone’s being so nice about it. And so supportive.”

Love Island 2016

Still locked up in in the hideaway, Kady raged over what she could see: “Why’s [Tina] crying? They’re hugging her. Why do they all look so shocked? I’m not staying in here. I’d rather walk I’m telling you now. I’m not staying in here.”

With the prospect of a night away from Scott occupying her mind, Kady’s emotions began to get the better of her: “Why are they acting like we’re strangers. They’re ignoring us, even the girls. I won’t be able to stay in here tonight. I just can’t do it. It’s doing my head in. I actually can’t deal with it.”

Once again turning on Tina, Kady declared: “We’re worried about a 20 year old stripper, and a plain Jane Chelsea reject. I’m actually insulting myself thinking I’m threatened by plain Jane. And Scott! I turned down a millionaire footballer from Tottenham. Do you know what I mean? I hate Scott, I don’t even like him.”

With tempers at breaking point, some stirring from Malin caused MAJOR fireworks.

Malin pulled Scott to one side to tell him what Kady had told her when Alex and James had arrived in the villa: “You know when I was over here and I said ‘you should be worried?’ She said to me in the bathroom, she was like ‘when Scott hugged me earlier today in my head I was thinking ‘don’t hug me because the new boys are around.’ You were a challenge to her, but now she’s got you.”

A furious Scott vented to Kady through the door of the hideaway “She’s been telling people in the villa that now the two new guys are in it’s made her start thinking. That’s just the muggiest comment I’ve ever heard.”

With the Hideaway door closed between Kady and Scott, the pair began a war of words on either side of the wall before security eventually stepped in between them - and the door.

Sharing a bed with Tina that evening in the main bedroom, Scott continued to lambast Kady: “I’m just stressed. I just can’t believe how much of a mug I’ve been. You must have been thinking ‘how dare she have the cheek.’ Did you not think that? Psycho innit? I just feel sorry for her.”

The following morning, Kady returned to the villa and it seemed as though things between her and Scott were over.

He told her: “We can’t make it work. I’m not saying I’m going to couple up with anyone. We’re done. It can’t work. It’s toxic. I know that’s horrible but you’ve brought that on yourself. You’ve pushed me away. You’ve mugged me off. I hate seeing you upset but you’ve done it to yourself. It’s not about anyone else. I don’t want to be with anyone else. But we can’t be together.”

Love Island 2016

Kady reacted: “This is why I don’t want to like people. I said to you ‘if we’re not together, I’m going.’ I’m absolutely besotted by you. I said I’d go to Manchester to make things work. I’m absolutely gutted that people got into your head.”

Scott replied: “I’ve not done this Kady, you’ve done this. I’ve been nothing but nice to you. Listen, you’ve got to be stronger than this.”

Love Island airs tonight at 10PM on ITV2.

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