Love Island 2016: Terry Walsh and Malin Andersson's t-shirt gate, round two

Malin cries

It's round two of t-shirt gate between Terry Walsh and Malin Andersson on tonight's Love Island 2016.

The couple were giving one another the silent treatment after Malin decided to wear one of Terry's clean t-shirts to bed.

Malin was the first to break the awkwardness between them but it didn't go well as it wasn’t long before another argument erupted.

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Terry said: “I came up to you and you just threw it back in my face and said I was the one causing a scene so if that’s your attitude I don’t want to talk to you.”

Malin protested: “I didn’t throw it in your face.”

Terry replied: “I’m not going to come up to you and grovel. That’s why I haven’t spoken to you.”

Malin reacted: “Don’t raise your voice at me.”

The conversation quickly turned towards the new arrival as Terry said: “See what I mean. If I raise my voice you’ll know it, I’m just saying to you, you were out of line earlier.

"It’s incredible what happens when a couple of girls come in the villa. You’ve had all day to talk to me.”

Malin told him: “Are you serious? You had to say that?

“All day to talk to you, you’ve had all day to talk to me as well. Go talk to them.”

Once again Malin became tearful as she questioned why Terry was making their dispute so public:

Terry revealed: "I want it to work out with you so bad. I don’t want to fall out with you every day. I need you to work with me at it.”

A tearful Malin said: “It’s embarrassing, and then having two new girls come in it will look so awkward. It’s not right, it’s not normal.”

Terry replied: “I don’t care if two new girls come in, I’ve got eyes for you, it doesn’t matter. It’s inevitable, they could throw 100 girls in. But I’m in it with you.

Love Island, ITV2, ITV, ITV Studios.

“You’re so sensitive. Just don’t take everything I say to heart. I want it to work out with you so bad.”

He told the beach hut: “[New girls] Tina, Liana, they’re both gorgeous girls at the end of the day but you know, my heart lays with Malin and I want to work things out with her. I’m not going to start flirting with the girls and that. It’s not in my nature."

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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