Love Island 2016: It kicks off as the new girls BREAK UP two couples!

Love Island 2016 spoilers

Kady cries

New girls Liana Isadora Van Riel and Tina Stinnes make their mark in tonight's Love Island with Kady McDermot the most impacted by their unannounced arrival.

Back on Friday night, just as villa life began to settle for the Islanders, two new girls arrived to shake up the equilibrium, sparking paranoia and jealousy amongst the other female Islanders.

Tom immediately observed how Tina and Liana’s arrival had affected the couples: “The girls are definitely worried about these new girls. Kady’s got her arms and legs wrapped around Scott like an octopus.”

Chelsea girl Tina was upfront about her attraction to Zara’s current coupling Adam:
Tina: “I think Adam’s obviously (nice)…it’s hard isn’t it.”

Tina and Liana make their decisions

Zara replied: “The best thing is to be honest.”

But reflecting on Tina’s admission in the Beach Hut, Zara wasn’t happy with what she had heard: “Not really sure how I feel about that. She’s just told me that she fancies Adam and Scott. So clearly we have a problem because we clearly like the same sort of people.”

As word reached Adam about Tina’s comments, he once again reinforced the fact that he didn’t want to take things any further with Zara: “I’ve sort of caught wind that Tina’s interested in myself and Scott. She hasn’t actually said that to me herself. We’ve had a few chats here and there, a bit of eye contact.

"I’m going to have to take Zara to the side and tell her what I feel about our situation. I just see her as a friend. I just don’t have that attraction to her or connection.”

Meanwhile, sharing her opinions in the Beach Hut, Liana make it clear that Olivia's current coupling Alex was her priority target: “The fittest guys in the villa I’d definitely say are Alex and Terry. But I think Alex is defo the one I’ve got my eye on now. As far I’m concerned I’ll do what I need to do.

"Obviously there is a girl code but it is Love Island so you can’t always follow that and if I get the vibe that Alex likes me back as well then of course I’ll try and go for it.”

Of the girls it was Kady who was impacted the most by the newbies as Tina ended up making a move on Scott.

Kady mulled over how to address Tina, explaining: “I might talk to her about it. I’ll be more annoyed, not if they go on a date, but if Scott tries to wind me up. If she wanted to go for one of her boys why did she sit there and say she’d get on with us, because she’s not going to get on with me if she’s going to try and date Scott.”

Having spotted Scott and Tina’s getting to know one another, Kady was far from flattering when it came to her love rival: “I think I’m better than her but it’s his type. Plain, blonde. He said to me his type on paper is blonde, plain, girl next door. It’s her. Plain Jane.”

With the tension building, Kady began to question Tina in the kitchen but the new girls were soon called to the pod.

Kady evils Tina

"You must now pick the couples you want to put on a break. The girls in those couples will then go to the Hideaway and stay there until tomorrow morning. Please make your decision now," they were instructed.

As Tina agonised over her decision, a text came through to Kady:

“Tina has decided…” she paused to read the text: “No I ain’t playing it. No I ain’t doing it. I’m out. I’m not doing this.”

Venting in the Beach Hut, Kady declared: “Tina’s decided that me and Scott need time apart. Oh what, you’ve decided! I’ll decide to dump you from the island if I had a choice.”

With Scott trying to comfort her, an emotional Kady began to cry, saying: “I can’t do this, it’s doing my head in. I just don’t want to be here anymore, I can’t do it. It’s annoying.”

Kady gets text

As she prepared to leave the villa to spend the evening in the Hideaway, Kady asked Scott to deliver a pointed message to Tina: “Tell Tina, say Kady says you’re a sneaky b****. In here girls tell each other if you like the man. That’s not how it works in here. And say there will be fireworks when she’s back.”

Tina remained unapologetic about her actions, telling the Beach Hut: “Obviously it’s not nice for someone else to come in and try and go on a date with the guy that you’re coupled up with. But you’re in the villa. You’ve got to take these risks, and you’ve got to do what you feel is right and what you want to do.”

Love Island 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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