Zara Holland WILL stay on Love Island 2016 despite being axed as Miss Great Britain

Producers have now told the model about her 'de-crowning'


Zara Holland has chosen to stay on Love Island 2016 after producers informed her that she's been stripped of her Miss Great Britain title.

Yesterday the organisers of the Miss GB pageant confirmed that they have decided to "formally de-crown" Zara over her raunchy antics on the ITV2 reality show.

"The feedback we have received is such that we cannot promote Zara as a positive role model moving forward," a statement explained. "Zara, as an ambassador for Miss Great Britain, simply did not uphold the responsibility expected of the title."

Following the announcement last night, Zara has been told about the news - and she has decided she's not going anywhere.

"Zara was informed of the news off camera this morning," a spokesperson told Digital Spy. "She is now back in the villa and has chosen to remain in the show."

The rep added that Love Island producers chose to tell her themselves as it would have been 'unfair' for her to find out from a new arrival.

An insider added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Zara wasn't sobbing, she told the house and the girls - even the new ones - gathered and rallied around her.

"They seemed to be consoling her as it wasn't the greatest news, but we couldn't see any tears."

Meanwhile, presenter Caroline Flack has taken to her Twitter page to defend Zara.

"Feel even more sorry for Zara now she's been de-crowned," she wrote. "She's a very sweet girl . What even is 'miss GB' ? Are we living in the dark ages ?"

Miss GB bosses have pledged to meet with Zara as soon as the returns to the UK to "fully explain" their decision, while runner-up Deone Robertson will take over as Miss GB until the 2016 pageant takes place.

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