Love Island 2016: After toasties, Malin Andersson and Terry Walsh row over tshirts

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Malin Andersson and Terry Walsh have another major falling out on Love Island 2016 tonight.

And hot on the heels of toastie gate, this evening the cause of their argument is a T-shirt.

As Malin prepared to take a nap for the afternoon, Terry found her wearing one of his clean T-Shirts. He immediately asked her to take it off, prompting her to storm out of the bedroom and give him the silent treatment.

She told the girls that Terry was being "pathetic" as he ranted in the Diary Room: “Not even a big deal. She had my green T-Shirt on and it was clean and I wanted to wear it tonight. I was like ‘babe, can you just wear a different T-Shirt to sleep in, and she just got the hump.

Love Island, ITV2, ITV, ITV Studios.

"She got a hissy fit and walked off. She wears my clothes all the time, I never question anything, she can do what she wants. The second I ask her if she can just not slob and sleep in my T-Shirt, the one I want to wear tonight, she gets the hump about it. It’s so childish sometimes.”

As the Islanders prepared for a party in the villa, Malin threatened drastic measures: “He’s still f***ed off. He won’t speak to me until I’ve apologised. I’ll tell him I’m just not in the mood for this. I’ll just dump him.”

With neither Malin or Terry willing to admit they were in the wrong, tempers flare.

All of this over a T-shirt, let's not forget.

Elsewhere tonight while Malin and Terry are on the brink of a split, Tom Powell and Sophie Gradon are looking to finally make their relationship official.

After Tom confessed yesterday he wanted to take things to the next level with Sophie, it appeared she was having similar thoughts, as she confided in Zara: “I really want to go on a date with Tom. I’m gonna ask him to be my boyfriend. If I go on a date with him. I’m not doing it in the house, I’m not doing it in front of everyone.”

However Sophie didn't get the chance to ask as Tom got their first.

Grabbing a one-to-one moment by the pool as night time set in, Tom spoke from the heart: “I know we’ve had our ups and downs in here. Since day one, I’ve been crazy about you. You took me totally by surprise, I didn’t expect to come in here and meet someone like you.

"I know I’ve been a moody git a lot of the time, and I take things to heart because I care about you so much. Little things do upset me. I’m sorry for that. I genuinely am. But I came here and I didn’t expect to meet someone like you, I didn’t expect to feel like I did. You caught me off guard totally. And I’m absolutely crazy about you. I am. And I’d really like to be able to call you my girlfriend. Will you?”

In a tender moment, Sophie replied: “I’d like to call you my boyfriend.”

With the pair sealing their union with a kiss, Tom gushed in the Beach Hut: “The smile on my face couldn’t portray it enough. Honest to God, I was through the roof and I haven’t been able to stop smiling since.”

Love Island 2016 Sophie

Reflecting on her experience so far with Tom, Sophie explained: “I came onto Love Island with the hope of letting down the draw bridge and the barriers that I’ve had up for so, so long and finding someone who could break those barriers and soften me up again. I get those with Tom and I can see this going somewhere.”

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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