Love Island 2016 spoilers: Two new girls make a SHOCK entrance!

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Two new girls make a grand entrance to the Love Island 2016 villa in tonight's show.

As a party in the villa got underway, the Islanders were left stunned by two very unexpected new arrivals – Liana, a stripper, and Tina, a Chelsea girl.

And they could prove very bad news for Zara, as she was left potentially single AGAIN.

love island 2016 new girls

After sleeping with new guy Alex, who immediately dropped her for Olivia, she tried to make amends with Adam but had lacklustre results.

She told the girls: “I thought I’d ruined everything with him and that really gutted me. Because I do really like him and everyone knows that I’ve liked him from the minute he walked in to the speed dating. I’m trying.

"I was so fuming when he didn’t pick me at recoupling. Fuming. Absolutely nothing is getting in my way now, especially not with him. I mean that. Seriously if a girl came in and said ‘I want to get to know Adam’ literally I’d tell her to get on the plane back to England. It wouldn’t surprise me if something like that happened.”

With the re-coupling dawning, Adam and Zara became increasingly closer, but, sharing his true feelings in the Beach Hut, Adam admitted that he was planning to use Zara’s fling with Alex to his advantage further down the line: “I just don’t feel like it’s there yet with Zara. I don’t know if it will be.

"That’s why I’m kind of glad she did the thing she did with Alex, you know going all the way. It always means that I have something now that I can say ‘look, that’s just getting to me.’ Even though it’s not, I can just use that. I’m just not feeling it - that sort of connection with Zara.”

Love Island, ITV2, ITV, ITV Studios.

With Terry and Malin at loggerheads and Alex’s non committal status with Zara, are the new ladies about to cause a major upset in the villa?

Love Island 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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