Love Island 2016 Islanders face some home truths in a new task

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The Love Island 2016 cast face some home truths on tonight's show.

New guys Alex Bowen and James Khan join the villa this evening and were asked to rate and slate the other Islanders.

They were called to the pod, where they were ask to rate the Islanders in various categories, including who they deemed to be the fittest, who was the most real, and who they felt had the best banter.

But their verdicts weren’t well received by all of the Islanders. With Kady rating close to the bottom of the list in the banter category, she fumed: “Banter? How the hell am I the second least from banter? Scott – how’s Scott got more banter than me? I can’t believe that. I take so much banter. All the boys come at me with banter because they know I can give it back. No banter…are you mad?”

Kady did however rank at the top of the fit list: “I was a bit p***ed off about the other two challenges but then when it came to the most fittest and they put me at the front it was quite nice, I’m not going to lie.”

Falling close to the bottom of the list in the fit category, Zara was equally as despondent, telling the Beach Hut: “Alright, I’m going now. The most boring person in the villa, and the fourth fittest girl. So maybe that’s why I’m single. I’m not being funny but I think we’re all pretty much 9 or 10 out of 10s in my opinion. And it made me think, ‘oh my god do they think I’m really boring and actually not that fit.”

It was Sophie however who was left most uneasy when the two boys declared she was ‘the least real in the villa.’ Outraged, she vented in the Beach Hut: “I got the least real which is b***s***. I wanted to kill those two. They put me bottom.”

Revealing what they had seen on the show prior to entering the villa, Alex revealed: “Basically when Kady overheard you saying if somebody comes and sweeps you off your feet, but then obviously you were with Tom. That’s the only reason that we put you where you were.”

Still mulling over what Alex had told her, Sophie admitted: “I am sometimes too honest. After speaking to my mum last night, I felt proper mint. And now those two have come in, done this challenge and now I just want to shy off again. I just feel like ‘I’m not real now.”

Kady however was unsurprised by Alex and James’ opinions of Sophie, telling them: “I knew from day one. Sophie’s trapped with Tom. She’s a party girl. Boys come in, she wants to talk to them. So I get that. I do get that.”

Kady also warned them to avoid approaching Sophie: “The boys are really territorial in here. Tom’s a head case, I wouldn’t even bother going with Sophie. Not worth it.”

Love Island 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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