Love Island 2016: Scott Thomas RAGES after Malin Andersson stirs things up

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Scott Thomas is left in a rage on tonight's Love Island 2016 after Malin Andersson stirs things up between him and Kady McDermot.

As they chatted secretly in the bathroom about the new guys, Kady made an admission – Alex had caught her eye.

Kady explained: “Course Scott had the power and wasn’t easy to get. Now I’ve got him… When I get someone I’m like ‘cool, got you - challenge done.

Love Island, ITV2, ITV, ITV Studios.

"But Scott like. To be honest with you I wouldn’t go up to him in a club and go ‘oh yeah, he’s a bit of me.’ But Alex, he is a bit of me, do you know what I mean?”

Stirring things up, Malin relayed Kady's comments to Terry and later Scott himself.

But Malin and Scott's conversation quickly escalated as the other Islanders looked on.

"Why would you say that to me? Why are you telling me that she fancies one of them I don’t get it.” Scott asked.

Malin replied: “I didn’t say fancy, I said fit you idiot. Don’t get annoyed.”

Malin then went over to Kady to explain all.

“I just said I think you’re fit and I said Kady thinks so too but I didn’t mean it that way," Malin claimed.

Kady began to explain Scott’s temperament to the other boys, telling them: “He thinks very deep. Deep. Wait until night time when it’s Scotty Show.”

As he spotted her impersonating him, Scott yelled over: “Oi! Chill out yeah! If I was doing that to you you’d be losing your mind. Embarrassing.”

Kady protested, telling him: “Malin brought it up” which prompted further outrage from Scott: “Malin why don’t you tell them why I’m p***ed off now then? So basically she just said to me she went ‘are you worried about them two over there? Kady fancies Alex! S*** stirring.

"I’m sitting minding my own business – why would she just turn around to me and go ‘Scott, are you worried about Kady over there? She likes Alex.’ Malin wait until a girl comes in here mate, when you’re dead insecure, you’re getting it mate. Big time. Trust me.”

Scott stormed off to the bedroom before Malin walked in, as the pair squared up again.

After things finally cooled down inside the villa, Scott then unleashed his fury in the Beach Hut.

Meanwhile, Scott’s over reaction prompted Kady to reconsider their relationship as she questioned how much longer she could endure his mood swings.

She said: "Honestly I feel drained as a person. In the real world, I would just block him and f*** off but in here, you can’t! We’re with each other all the time.”

Having mellowed in the evening, Scott took the chance to apologise to Malin, and admitted he had been worrying about how Kady would respond to the new boys: “First of all I wanted to apologise for the way I reacted.

Love Island 2016 Kady

"But it was banter. I get it now. It was just the wrong time. It was just the timing. They came in. And I said ‘boys you’ve come in here to do your thing’ and it was on my mind, when they put her as the fittest, which I thought was a shock. Straight away, that’s their target.”

Love Island 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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