Love Island 2016! New guys Alex Bowen and James Khan join villa and stir up trouble

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Two new guys enter the villa on Love Island 2016 tonight and cause a right stir amongst the currently coupled up pairs.

Although single Zara Holland is in her element.

Yesterday morning, Alex and James were waiting for the islanders in the kitchen as they headed down for breakfast to make a surprise entrance.

In scenes to be shown on tonight's show on ITV2 at 9PM, the guys’ arrival becomes an immediate talking point amongst the other islanders.

Love Island, ITV2, ITV, ITV Studios.

Terry was left perplexed when Malin shunned a good morning kiss in favour of racing down to see the new guys and earmarked both of the boys as threats: “I think deep down all the boys feel a little bit threatened. We all do. No one’s going to relax in here."

New guy Alex confessed he didn’t want to deliberately rile the other boys: “I don’t want to be a d***head to any of the lads. I know you’re not going to be able to keep everyone sweet all the time. I’m not looking to cause any arguments.”

As for the girls' reactions to the new guys, it was a case of deja vu for Olivia and Zara as, for the second time in a week, they went head to head in their quest to partner up – with both of their sights firmly set on Alex.

Shortly after their arrival, Zara was gushing in the Beach Hut: “I mean, what a nice morning treat. Two hotties. Wonderful. You couldn’t really ask for anything better really. I’m very excited. Two new boys that I could potentially get to know.”

Olivia didn’t take long to establish Alex as a potential suitor, telling the other girls: “Alex looks like my type. He just had his hand tattoed which is another box ticked. Yeah, Alex has that cheeky smile so I did get a little bit happy but we’ll see.”

The initial signs pointed towards an Alex and Olivia union as they flirted over their mutual interest in tattoos, agreeing to get their nipples pierced together after the show.

Alex was feeling positive after his conversation with Olivia, telling the Beach Hut: “We just clicked and we were like back and forth talking and we never ran out of things to see and she’s a pretty girl as well. I’ve got a little thing for Olivia already.”

Unbeknown to the Islanders, the public were voting for one girl to send on a date with either Alex or James.

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Which of the two ladies is about to get lucky?

See when Love Island 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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