Love Island 2016: Meet new hunks Alex Bowen and James Khan

love island 2016 new guys

Two new guys are set to shake up the Love Island 2016 villa this week.

Newbies Alex Bowen and James Khan will join the house Wednesday night by making a surprise entrance into the house.

The girls will head down for breakfast to find the boys in the kitchen waiting for them.

But who will catch the ladies' eyes? Is Zara about to find the man of her dreams? Could this be the man Sophie was hoping would 'sweep her off her feet?' Is Olivia about to grab another guy from under Zara's nose?

Well the girls won't be deciding: The public will!

In a poll on the Love Island app, viewers will vote for two girls for the new boys to take on a date.

How will the villa's current alphas react and which girls will the public pair up with the newbies?

Love Island airs at 9PM, Wednesday night on ITV2.

Meet the Love Island newbies below...

Alex Bowen


Age: 24
From: Wolverhampton
Occupation: Scaffolder/Model
Single for: Six months

"I’m the most real guy that will be in there," says Alex, "A lot of the lads are being fake just to be in the villa. If I fancy a girl, I fancy a girl. I’m truthful and I’m honest. Some people might not get my confidence and cockiness, but if they don’t understand it that’s their problem.

"I am outspoken, a bit loud, quite friendly and sometimes I do get emotional. It takes a lot for a girl to get me emotional, but you never know what will happen."

As for which of the girls Alex has hie eye on, he says: "A few of them – Kady, Olivia, Malin and Zara. I have no loyalty to the guys, this is what it’s about – going in and cracking on with the girls, so that is what I intend to do."

James Khan


Age: 20
Occupation: Newsagent/Personal Trainer
From: Teddington
Single for: Two months

"I’m young and I’m cheeky," says James.

He's eyeing up two girls going in to the show: "Olivia and Zara – the two blondies of the villa."

And it seems Sophie best look out too with James saying he would dump her from the island. "She’s a bit boring," he says. "She’s been a bit trapped into being boring because of her relatinship with Tom. I reckon she wants to leave anyway."

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