Love Island 2016: Testing times for Malin and Terry and Sophie and Tom

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The future of two Love Island 2016 couples looks to be in doubt on tonight's show.

Following their row over a cheese toastie yesterday, Malin and Terry started off the day unsure of where they stood, with Terry recognising that he had yet to officially apologise to Malin for his part in the argument that had ensued.

A text arrived at the perfect time, offering both an opportunity to clear the air: "Malin and Terry, in a poll the public said they’d like to see you two go on a date. Please get ready to leave the villa. #picniclunch #nocheesetoasties"

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During the date, Terry suggested the pair spend some more time apart which Malin did NOT agree with.

Malin complained in the Beach Hut, saying: “You don’t have to suddenly say we need to spend more time apart because it’s not going to help anything."

With Terry’s suggestion weighing heavily on Malin’s mind, it wasn’t long before another issue was about to come between them – this time over the subject of Terry’s sex life.
With all of the couples tasked with getting to know one another before a group quiz, Malin became concerned when her honesty with Terry wasn’t reciprocated: “I lost my virginity when I was 16. I’ve slept with 15 people. How many people have you slept with? They’re going to bring it up.”
Avoiding the question, Terry explained in the Beach Hut: “She knows I haven’t been an angel. I just want to tip toe around the amount of girls I’ve slept with, I don’t think it’ll help her out right now. She’s got enough on her plate with me and my past. Once she’s head over heels I’ll probably release the number.”
But Malin became tearful as she questioned why Terry wasn’t being open with her: “I’m really open with you and I find it weird that you’re not open with me... I just like you so much, I don’t want to get hurt.”
Elsewhere in the Love Island villa there have been more problems for Sophie and Tom.

"We can’t keep being negative around each other, because it is draining. It’s hard enough," Sophie told Tom. "You need to stop reacting at me for silly little things as well. You are over dramatic Tom. If you’re reacting like that when I’m being happy and daft, how are you going to be on the outside? I am sarcastic. You’re sarcastic with me but I don’t react like that, like a child.”
An irritated Tom snapped back “Stop calling me a child.”

The pair later bicker again over Tom's choice of shirt resulting in Tom giving Sophie 'the silent treatment'.
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Speaking to Zara and Adam, she revealed: “He’s not speaking to me. I can’t keep doing this. He’s only going to push me away. Does he want to push me away? Does he want me to consider someone that could walk in the door?”
Adam was quick to assure Sophie he didn’t share Tom’s less redeeming features: “Watching all you guys, it’s made me realise that I’d be a great boyfriend. I’m just so chilled.”
After a lengthy pause, Sophie then teased: “Are you making a move?”
Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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