Love Island 2016: Rykard Jenkins QUITS the villa in tear-filled exit

What happened on Love Island?

Love Island 2016

Rykard Jenkins has QUIT Love Island 2016 and left the villa, it's been confirmed tonight.

It follows yesterday's shock elimination which saw Rykard partner Rachel Fenton voted out.

After her exit from the villa, Rachel was told by host Caroline Flack about Rykrd's secret bedtime fling with Olivia Buckland.

In tonight's show, Rachel arranged a meeting with Rykard, ready to seek the truth on how he really feels about her.

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Rykard tried to explain himself as Rachel sobbed: “You don’t seem like you’re sorry. I just think you need to build a bit of trust back up. It’s a massive thing for me. You know I’ve been cheated on in the past.

"And it’s difficult for me to trust people, let people in. It is difficult I genuinely thought when I first got with you that you were a nice boy. It was a horrible, horrible thing for me to hear. I doubted everything that you said.”

In a last ditch effort to regain her trust, Rykard read her a self-penned poem.

Yes, he wrote her an actual poem.

When you arrived with your elegance and beauty,
I never predicted you’d be my tall, blonde cutie,
Never met someone so sweet in all my years,
My favourite thing about you are those big beautiful ears

After choosing to leave Love Island in order to be with Rachel, Rykard returned to the villa one last time to say goodbye.

“I had to come back. Come see you all do you know what I mean. I’ve come to talk to you all," Rykard explained. "I don’t think I can do the graft again. I can’t have new birds in here, try and nick them.

"After everything I’ve just gone through, doing something quite real with Rachel. It would just be a bit like…I’ve got to be real to myself. I don’t want to be fake flirting. The thing is with Rachel, it was real. If you’ve got something good, you’ve got to go for it.”

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Close friends Tom and Olivia both tried to convince Rykard to reconsider. Tom questioned him: “You 100% sure this is for you? I’m going to miss you. It’s not going to be the same without you. Whatever you feel is right for you, you do that.”

Breaking down in tears over Rykard's exit, Olivia sobbed: “I didn’t think I’d get this upset about someone leaving that I’ve only known two weeks but he had my back. He made me feel better everyday. I haven’t had a really good boy mate for a long time.

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"And I haven’t really trusted men very much and he made me think twice. It was so nice to have a secret with Ryk and no one knew. It was just like, we could have our own little joke and no one understood it. But it was nice eventually to be able to tell people.”

Love Island 2016 continues nightly on ITV2 at 9PM.

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