Love Island 2016: Zara Holland makes a new move on Adam Maxted

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After surviving last night's Love Island elimination Zara Holland tries her luck with Adam Maxted again in this evening's show.

Yesterday saw Zara lose partner Dan in a double exit.

Following the ditching, Olivia Buckland confessed she may be all in on her coupling with Adam prompting Zara to make a move on the Belfast based personal trainer.

Chatting with Zara, Adam revealed: “Me and Liv are in a position like you and Dan. She said that she doesn’t feel anything. Now we’re the new Zara and Dan.”

Zara, who previously accused Olivia of using Adam just for his immunity in the eviction, told him: “You’ve been mugged off. Your turn now. Enjoy your friendship zone. I can’t really give you any tips. Sorry I shouldn’t laugh. I should be very kind and considerate at this hard time for you going into the friend zone. I’m not saying anything else. Apart from ‘I told you so.”

Zara failed to contain her resentment towards Olivia in the Beach Hut, venting: “It’s just annoying isn’t it. It’s annoying. To think that someone just coupled up with someone just for immunity. When I actually genuinely do like him.”

With both Zara and Adam now back in the singles’ camp, Nathan attempted to play matchmaker, asking Adam whether he had any feelings for Zara.

With Zara present, Adam retorted: “I don’t want it to look like ‘oh things aren’t working with Liv, let me just go be with Zara now.’ I’m not that kind of guy.”

Determined that she would pull out all the stops in her bid to reignite the spark with Adam, Zara’s renewed positivity was clear to see in the Beach Hut: “It’s my opportunity to start afresh, see what happens. Be a little bit more sassy.

"We have set up a Zara training camp, just to sort of specialise in flirting, giving eye contact and hopefully potentially finding me a nice boy. I’ve learnt a lot in here already, and with the girls’ advice, I’m going to be fine. I can do this.”

But Adam remained reluctant to move on from Olivia so quickly: “I think I know that Zara’s into me and she finds me attractive. I enjoy spending time with Zara. We talk, we laugh. She’s a cool girl but I just don’t want to jump into things too quickly again.”

During a game of dares that evening though, Zara’s opportunity finally arose, when she was challenged to kiss any of the guys. Predictably she opted for Adam, and as the pair locked lips, their fellow Islanders whooped with delight.

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Reflecting on their moment of passion, Zara was overwhelmed: “I was sort of just expecting a little kiss on the lips. But it was seriously full on, in front of everyone.”

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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