Love Island 2016: Tears as Rykard Jenkins says he's 'QUITTING' the villa

Love Island 2016 spoilers

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Rykard Jenkins announces his intention to QUIT Love Island 2016 in tonight's show, prompting tears.

In last night's episode we saw Rykard make a shock move when partner Rachel Fenton was eliminated, following her and saying he would rather quit the show than be without her.

In this evening's episode, Rykard returns to the villa but only to tell his fellow Islanders he was leaving.

“I had to come back. Come see you all do you know what I mean. I’ve come to talk to you all," Rykard explained. "I don’t think I can do the graft again. I can’t have new birds in here, try and nick them.

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"After everything I’ve just gone through, doing something quite real with Rachel. It would just be a bit like…I’ve got to be real to myself. I don’t want to be fake flirting. The thing is with Rachel, it was real. If you’ve got something good, you’ve got to go for it.”

Close friends Tom and Olivia both tried to convince Rykard to reconsider. Tom questioned him: “You 100% sure this is for you? I’m going to miss you. It’s not going to be the same without you. Whatever you feel is right for you, you do that.”

Olivia meanwhile gushed: “I don’t know anyone like you, you’ve not got a bad bone in your body. But if you’ve come here and done what you wanted to do, you can leave. But if you feel like you’re not finished, you shouldn’t leave.”

With the emotion of Rykard’s quit threat weighing heavily on her mind, Olivia finally confessed all about their night together to a stunned Malin and Cara.

She explained: It’s just like, we’re both friends, it wasn’t anything…I think he was worried about Rachel, but it didn’t mean anything it wasn’t, it was just you know, comfort. Looking out for each other.”

Breaking down in tears at the prospect of losing her best friend, Olivia explained all about the close bond she and Rykard had formed: “I didn’t think I’d get this upset about someone leaving that I’ve only known two weeks but he had my back. He made me feel better everyday. I haven’t had a really good boy mate for a long time.

"And I haven’t really trusted men very much and he made me think twice. It was so nice to have a secret with Ryk and no one knew. It was just like, we could have our own little joke and no one understood it. But it was nice eventually to be able to tell people.”

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As the Islanders waited for Rykard to make up his mind, Sophie spoke frankly about his impact in the villa: “He’s such a big, big part of the house. He gets on with everybody. For him to go is a huge, huge deal to the house. I’m really, really gutted. I’m going to miss his little face.”

Will Rykard really say goodbye or will Rachel’s knowledge of his night with Liv change everything?

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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