Love Island 2016: Sophie Gradon and Kady McDermot go head to head

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Sophie Gradon and Kady McDermot go head to head in tonight's Love Island 2016.

It's all after last Friday night's drama where stirring from Kady left Sophie and Tom's relationship on the rocks.

Kady had overheard a comment from Sophie and after passing it on to the other Islanders, the remarks finally found their way back to Tom.

Keen to get to the bottom of the source behind the gossip, Sophie was unsurprised Kady was was revealed as the culprit: “Right, there you go. There you go. Enough said.”

Sophie was quick to point out Kady’s shortcomings in age and experience, citing this as the reason behind her embellishing what Sophie said: “She’s young. She hasn’t heard what I said properly. I’m not even going to entertain this, it’s pathetic.

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"And he (Tom) should know better - she’s 20 years old. I wouldn’t say something like that. Come on. I think you should have maybe thought ‘maybe Kady has taken it out of context.”

Sophie went to the Beach Hut to vent about Kady’s behaviour, whilst also displaying her more sensitive side when it came to discussing her feelings for Tom: “If it had come from anyone else in the house, I would probably be like ‘s*** what the hell did I actually say’, but because it’s come from Kady, I’m kind of just like ‘oh, OK.’ Because she’s a little drama queen.

"It was just going so well, it’s been going so well and this is just going to set Tom off again. There is a part of me that feels like I should say to Tom now that ‘you’re the one for me.’ Cos I do feel like that, but I’m just so scared of saying it because I don’t think I could take it being heartbroken again.”

Mulling over how to handle the situation with Kady, Sophie later told the girls: “I think Kady’s got it in her head that I don’t like her, and I think…it’s not that I don’t like her, I do find her irritating and her voice is annoying, but you know she’s 10 years younger than me.

"I’m not going to make the girl’s life difficult because I find her a bit irritating, I’m going to do the best I can to get along with her in here, we’re living with each other 24/7. I don’t dislike her.”

Eventually, Kady and Sophie came face to face.

“It’s just something that I just said. What I heard. Whether you didn’t mean it that way or whether it was just blown out of context, whatever. We all say things in here we don’t mean," Kady explained.

Sophie told her: “I just feel like maybe you could have just come to me. Don’t feel like you can’t. I think this is because we haven’t got to know each other, maybe you felt like you couldn’t. All these Chinese whispers and the boys bringing Tom over and everything.”

Kady replied: “The thing is, if I was close with you, if it was Zara or any of the other girls, I would have said that to them, cos I haven’t spoken to you, I don’t want you thinking ‘who the f*** is this girl getting involved? So I’ve just told a couple of the girls for their opinion on it or what they think, and then the next thing you know, everyone knows and it’s been escalated.”

Later on, Sophie spoke about her officially not official status with Tom.

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She explained: "We’re back to where we were now and we are official. Not like that but you know. We’re an official couple on Love Island. We’re seeing each other. In the real world we’d be seeing each other. We wouldn’t be boyfriend and girlfriend we’d be seeing each other. But we are like boyfriend and girlfriend though.”

Love Island 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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