Love Island 2016: Nathan Massey and Cara De La Hoyde have a blazing row

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Love Island 2016's Nathan Massey and Cara De La Hoyde come to blows on tonight's show.

Yesterday in the villa the pair clashed when Cara joked that she once slept with new boy Adam in Marbella.

Nathan reacted angrily, cursing: “You’re a d***head mate. So muggy mate. If I said that. You give but you can’t take. Shut up man.”

A bemused Cara responded: “Are you actually going to have a strop about it?”

The answer to that question was YES with a heated exchange between following as a fuming Nathan told her: "just buck your ideas up.”

The dispute continued into the evening, as Nathan revealed in the Beach Hut: “I just thought it was a bit too far if I’m honest with you. I’m not a jealous person. There’s limits do you know what I mean?

"Her saying that has disappointed me a little bit, I ain’t going to lie. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a pry person. I haven’t got a filter in my mouth but I wouldn’t hurt her feelings. Tonight she crossed the line.”

As the argument moved into the lounge, Nathan remained despondent: “I’m not going to apologise or do anything. So if you want to crack on, crack on.

"Whatever man, I can’t be bothered. I’m not talking to you when you’re piping. You’re in the wrong. You’ve mugged me off. You’ve crossed the line.”

Nathan’s angst proved too much for Cara, who threatened to walk out if it continued: “I swear to god, I’m going home.

"I didn’t sign up for this b***s***. You won’t let me apologise. You won’t let me make it better. Listen it’s recoupling tomorrow. If you want to be with someone else go and do it.”


Watch all the drama unfold on Love Island 2016 tonight on ITV2 from 9PM.

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