Love Island's Rykard Jenkins reveals what REALLY happened in bed with Olivia Buckland

So did Rykard Jenkins and Olivia Buckland have sex?!

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Love Island's Rykard Jenkins finally answers the question on everyone’s lips – did he sleep with Olivia Buckland?

Yesterday in the villa, in scenes that air in tonight's show on ITV2 from 9PM, Rykard was quizzed by new love interest Rachel and asked if he would consider having sex in the villa:

“I dunno," he told her. "A part of me would like to, but then a part of me thinks, you can’t go all out, so what’s the point. I think, if you’ve got that sort of connection, it would be nice. I don’t think anyone would know either.”

During a Beach Hut catch up, Rykard stressed his ongoing support towards Olivia, but indicated he was looking to choose Rachel in the next partner pick: “With Olivia, she likes Adam. Olivia likes Adam. So I want her to pursue Adam and be happy. She wants to be happy. So we’re friends and we’re going to support each other. With Rachel, I am attracted to her. I feel like there’s potential, there’s more potential with me and Rachel.”

Meanwhile, when she caught up with the Beach Hut later in the day, Olivia was dismissive of any feelings towards Rykard, insisting they are just good friends: “Me and Rykard have had a spoon but nothing’s ever come of it. That doesn’t really mean anything. I spoon all my friends. It’s nice isn’t it?”

But as they prepared to couple up, Rykard finally spilled his secret to Tom: “Me and Olivia are good mates, and the other night we actually, you know…”

Tom immediately pushed him: “You slept with each other?”

Rykard responded: “Oh yeah,” but desperate to ensure their frisson did not become public knowledge, he pleaded: “Please keep it, please, please, please…”

A shell shocked Tom remarked: “Wow, I didn’t expect that. I’m impressed, I’m really impressed. I wouldn’t have thought that.”

With Olivia growing closer to Adam and Rykard pursuing Rachel, Rykard outlined his concerns to Tom: “It’s because I know you can keep it schtum. We knew if it comes up it can ruin things. It can ruin things for me, for her, but I’m just so happy. She’s so nice. She’s honestly like my best mate. I love her. So I just want her to do her thing. It’s weird because we’re so tight, you don’t understand. We’ve got a chemistry that is just tight chemistry. That is my girl. Trust me. That is my girl.”

With the recoupling just moments away, can Rykard bury any feelings for Olivia or will his heart rule over his head?

Love Island 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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