Love Island 2016 spoilers! It's all kicking off ahead of the next recoupling

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It’s been a dramatic 24 hours in the Love Island villa as couples and rivals go to war ahead of the recoupling.

On tonight's show, Tom and Sophie face more trouble in their already rocky relationship.

Despite enjoying a night in the hideaway, a casual comment caused repercussions throughout the villa.

In a chat with Adam, Sophie tried to explain why she had chosen to accept his invite to go on a date with him.

"I can’t really explain why I felt so…I think the day just started off bad, I was just all a bit up in the air because Tom and I had come to blows," she began. "We were talking and I said stuff like ‘I don’t see us as boyfriend and girlfriend yet.’

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"I am 30 and I want to make sure that the next person I choose is the right one. I don’t want to rush into anything with him and say to him ‘yeah, we’re boyfriend and girlfriend’ and then for someone to come in and knock me off my feet. You just don’t know what’s around the corner.

"There are some pretty strong couples in here though. Nathan and Cara. Terry and Malin.”

With Kady and Scott in earshot in the next bedroom, an insulted Kady whispered: “They didn’t say us. I really want to say something.”

Sophie’s remarks gave Kady plenty of substance for an afternoon bitching session with Zara, Olivia and Malin, as she vented: “She (Sophie) was just talking about the couples and saying, you and Tel were strong, Cara and Nathan were strong and me and Scott aren’t…we’re not a strong couple.

"Adam went ‘oh you and Tom are’ and she started laughing. As if they’re not strong. And then she was saying she’s still waiting for someone to come in and knock her off her feet.

"Yeah. I knew that. I knew they weren’t as strong as they were. Making me and Scott feel like s*** that we’re not a strong couple. I don’t care if I look like a gossip.”

As Sophie's comments were repeated around the villa, Terry passed them on to Tom.

He said: "Apparently there was a couple of people upstairs in bed and they overheard Sophie talking to Adam saying basically she’s waiting for someone to come in and sweep her off her feet and s*** like that."

Tom then immediately spoke to Sophie: “People overheard you telling Adam you’re waiting for someone to come in here and sweep you off your feet. Everyone’s talking about it apparently.”

She told him: “Yeah, that’s the whole aim of the show. Of course I want to be swept off my feet. You could potentially be doing that. That’s absolute b***s***. That is such b***s***.

"I do want to be swept off my feet but this could be happening right now. I’ve said I do want to meet someone in here, but I’m with you. I wouldn’t then say I’m waiting for someone else to come in, cos I’m not.

"Someone else could come in and sweep me off my feet you never know, but I’m not waiting for that. You should know me by now that I wouldn’t say something like that.”

Meanwhile, Kady was left in tears when she and Scott were overlooked as the Islanders decided which couple should spend the evening in the Hideaway.

An unimpressed Rykard reacts: “She has a paddy over anything that girl.”

A sulky Kady then threatened to spend the night apart from Scott who replied: Why do you want to fall out with me? If you make me feel like this again, I swear to god there will be no coming back from that.”

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He later confided in the others: “I just can’t be a***d with running round after her man. I’m just done with the arguing. Every morning I wake up and say ‘listen, let’s not argue today.’ Yesterday we had such an amazing day together, and it’s just ruined it now.”

After finally calming down, Sophie apologised to Scott: “You’re the closest to me. When I’m annoyed with things, I just take it out on you. I do it at home. I don’t mean to. I’m not pushing you away. I’m sorry. I just get annoyed and I act on my…I’ve told you this from day one.”

Love Island 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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