Love Island 2016: Zara Holland in tears after being rejected again

Tears from Miss GB 2

Zara Holland was in tears on Love Island 2016 tonight after being rejected again in the latest recoupling.

New guy Adam chose Olivia over her, forcing Zara to pair up with Dan.

Zara had made no secret of her feelings for Adam and losing him left her in tears.

Consoled by good friend Kady, Zara sobbed: “I can’t handle this, I really can’t,” with a tearful Kady comforting her, saying: “My heart honestly bleeds for you.”

In heartfelt scenes shortly after the coupling up was complete, a despondent Zara wept: “Every time, what do I do wrong? Every time I like a guy. I don’t want to see anyone.”

As she tried to compose herself in the Beach Hut, she explained: “It just gets to me more that he won’t realise. I don’t want to cry. Stop crying. Stop being stupid, idiot. The thing is like, I knew it was going to happen, but there’s always that little bit of you that thinks ‘oooh, you know, it might not happen’. But it’s happened again.”

Elaborating with Kady, she revealed: “I just feel like every time I fall for a guy it just ends s*** and I’m just like ‘what do I do wrong?”

Kady pleaded with her, insisting: “It’s not you, it’s not you. You’re doing nothing wrong. He’s just not right for you. Don’t ever think it’s you.”

Now coupled up with Dan, she said: “Dan’s a really nice guy but there’s nothing there. I don’t get on with him. There’s nothing there.”

She also poured scorn on Olivia, saying: “Do you know what p****s me off as well, she doesn’t like him. Why can’t anybody else see that. That’s my point.”

Rachel then assured her: “There is someone out there for you Zara.”

Will Zara ever get her happy ending?

Love Island continues Sunday night at 9pm on ITV2.

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