Love Island 2016: Olivia Buckland and Rykard Jenkins talk 'slipping it in'

Tonight's Love Island 2016 spoilers

love Island 2016

Olivia Buckland and Rykard Jenkins discuss 'slipping it in' on Love Island 2016 tonight following their playful night together yesterday.

The pair got VERY cosy under the sheets and the morning after the night before remained coy when it came to the subject of their friendship, and their growing closeness.

The pair instead spoke about Rykard's potential with Rachael following their date earlier this week.

“I thought she liked you," Olivia said, “I got told by the girls. I can talk to her.”

Rykard replied: “No don’t talk to her. That’s so like Year 6.”

Olivia added: “No it’s not. Maybe later if I can slip it in to the convo.”

Rykard giggled: “Slip it in….”

Olivia claimed: “I’ve no idea what you’re talking about.”

Next Rykard questioned Olivia on her feelings towards Adam and he appeared disappointed when she earmarked Adam as the only boy she fancied:

Olivia said: “He’s really friendly, chatty, a little bit flirty so it’s all good signs but you just don’t know in here, he could be doing the same to her. I just think I need to get to know him a bit more. I do fancy him, he’s the only person in here that I do feel like that towards.”

“What about me Liv? What about everything we’ve been through?” replied Rykard, who has clearly been watching one too many Disney moves.

Olivia revealed: “You’re my bezzie.”

Is Olivia’s Love Island match a little closer to home than she thinks?

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2

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