Love Island 2016: Did Rykard Jenkins and Olivia Buckland have sex?!


Rykard Jenkins and Olivia Buckland's surprise intimacy under the covers on Love Island 2016 last night has sent fans into a frenzy.

More than a million viewers tuned in to last night's episode on ITV2, the best rating of all time for the revamped show.

They saw Olivia and Rykard apparently get it on in the villa as the other Islanders slept metres away.

After their naughty night time rendezvous, the pair made a pinky promise and Olivia warned: “If you say anything, I’ll f***ing kill you.”

The pair's get together was rather surprising given that until now the pair hadn't really been close.

Geordie Shore's Vicky Pattison tweeted: “Omg… What just happened there between rykard & liv?! They’re all crawling all over each other like dirty little hamsters! I can’t keep up!”

Earlier this week, Rykard had been making a move on Rachel and snogged her after a massage on a date.

Meanwhile Olivia found herself competing with Zara Holland for new guy Adam Maxted who entered the villa only yesterday.

Zara said: "With Adam, I am very attracted to him. He just needs to walk into the villa, I’m telling you now. He’d fit in perfectly. He didn’t seem too over confident where he’d p*** the boys off or anything.

"He just seems like a lovely guy that needs to be in the villa…please. I’ve asked so nicely here. You never know, he could be Mr GB."

Olivia plotted: “I’m hoping that Zara does go in all guns blazing and he sort of s***s himself and then I can go in and cover up the wounds. If it works out for me it works out, if it don’t, it don’t.”

Love Island 2016 continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2 with the next recoupling looming.

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