Love Island 2016: Adam Maxted dates a trio of ladies and one guy is NOT happy

Tonight on Love Island 2016

Love Island 2016

New Love Island 2016 hunk Adam Maxted dates the ladies tonight but the current guys aren't impressed.

Last night we saw Adam walk into the villa having been voted in by the public and the girls' heads turned.

Both Zara Holland and Olivia Buckland vied for his affections and Zara continued the next morning as she made him breakfast.

However the wrestler also had his eye on a third female – Sophie. Chatting to Terry, Adam confessed: “Sophie’s very pretty though. And she’s my type. She seems so tight with Tom though. And I don’t know if that’s because they’ve had to be together from day one.”

During a candid chat in the Beach Hut, Sophie wasn’t ruling anything out: “I like Adam. He seems really canny, but obviously I am with Tom and I don’t really want to upset him.”

Later, a text came through to Adam’s phone offering him the chance to get to enjoy some one on one time with more than one of the girls:

"Adam, this afternoon you’ll be spending alone time with some of the girls away from the villa. You’ll be leaving shortly, please choose the girl you’d like to spend the time with first and ask her out. #playthefield"

He went on dates with Zara, Olivia and then Sophie... which left one guy mightily annoyed.

At first, Sophie's current partner Tom tried to remain positive about his predicament, explaining in the Beach Hut: “I don’t want to be moody and kick off, and kick up a fuss over nothing when I know I trust her and I don’t think anything is going to happen. I don’t think she’s going to give out any vibes that she wants to be with him. So let him try. See if he can handle it.”

After the date, Adam took advice from Sophie and sought out Tom for a man-to-man chat, but, visibly riled, Tom made his feelings clear: “I think you’re a little snake. You had all day. You waited until I was in the Beach Hut and no where to be seen and then you went to Sophie and said to her ‘I’d possibly like to take you out on a date.’ When you told Sophie that this morning, why didn’t you come up to me and say the same thing?”

Adam acknowledged his errors in approaching Sophie without gaining Tom’s consent, telling him: “I should have come up to you first. I respect that. I just didn’t think. It all came at once. It is strictly on a physical attraction with Sophie. She’s the girl I think is the prettiest in here.”

But Tom wasn’t backing down, reinforcing his resentment towards Adam in the Beach Hut: “If that’s how he wants to play the game, let him play the game. See how long he’s going to last in this place. I don’t trust him. I don’t trust the kid at all.”

As for Sophie, she was split: “It is confusing when you’re with one guy in here and you go on a date with another. And the date went well. I did click with Adam, which I really didn’t think.”

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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