Love Island 2016: Kady McDermot and Scott Thomas clash (thanks to Zara Holland!)

Love Island 2016 Kady

Kady McDermot and Scott Thomas clash in tonight's Love Island after Zara Holland puts the cat amongst the pigeons.

Last night saw the girls speed date four new boys with two put forward for the public vote.

A text sent to the group after last night's vote read: "Islanders, Last night speed daters Adam and Robert were selected by the girls to face a public vote. The public have been voting for the boy they would like to join the villa and the chosen boy will arrive this evening. The boy will be immune from the next dumping. Whoever this boy couples up with at the next recoupling, will also be immune. #topboy #chickmagnet #VIPpass"

Love Island 2016

The text quickly put potential new guy Adam at the forefront of Zara’s mind, as she turned to Kady and pleaded: “Come on, the public, please choose Adam. I just personally think he would suit better in here anyway. Don’t you agree?”

A confused Kady responded: “What?”

Oblivious to Scott being stood next to them, Zara then retorted: “Oh no, you like the look of the other dude. No, you like Adam and he fancied you, so…”

After a momentary pause, her words registered with a concerned Scott: “What did you say?”

Zara: “I just said which one would you rather, so I said ‘oh Adam fancied her in the speed dating.”

Scott quickly turned to Kady: “You like Adam and he fancied you?”

Defensively, Kady responded: “I don’t fancy Adam.”

Zara meanwhile tried to correct herself: “Adam said that he liked Sophie and Kady.”

But Scott was unconvinced: “No you said you liked Adam and Adam liked you.”

The situation quickly became more intense, as Kady protested: “I thought Rob was better looking, I said that to you.

"Scott you’re hearing things now. I don’t give a f*** who comes in. That was just weird. You thought I fancied Adam but I didn’t, I thought Rob was better looking.”

Love Island 2016

But with the damage done, Scott continued: “That’s what I don’t get, why have you been lying?”

He then turned to Zara, questioning her actions: “Do you understand what you just said out loud when you said ‘I know you like Adam and he fancies you.’ That’s what you just said to Kady. Why would you say that though? It’s just weird that you said that”


Catch all the fallout - plus find out who enters the villa - on Love Island tonight on ITV2 from 9PM.

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