Love Island's Sophie Gradon and Tom Powell get intimate in a closet

Love Island 2016 Sophie

Sophie Gradon and Tom Powell enjoy some alone time in the Love Island 2016 villa tonight

With their relationship on solid ground having stayed together since the first coupling, Tom and Sophie enjoyed a moment of intimacy in the most unusual of places – the wardrobe.

“Do you think that can feel my weight. It actually can.” Sophie proclaimed as she climbed in.

Puzzled, Tom replied: “Are you sure?”

Giggling, Sophie laughed: “I don’t know, it’ll probably collapse.”

Emerging several moments later, they hastily got their stories straight when quizzed by the other islanders:

Tom: “I showed her my new shirt.”

Sophie: “I showed him my new dress.”

Daniel: “How as your new dress?”

Sophie: “Very good actually.”

Sophie it seemed was keeping schtum when she spoke to the Beach Hut: “I had a really nice dress that I wanted to show Tom. I just really value his opinion on fashion” she teased before pausing with a coy smile.

While physically it seemed things were moving forward, emotionally it seemed Sophie was still holding back, when Tom fired questions to her in the garden.

“Just to be clear you’re not at the boyfriend/girlfriend stage are are you?” he asked.

With Sophie shaking her head, his frustrations were quick to show: “You don’t talk to me you, you don’t tell me what you feel.”

But eager to explain herself, Sophie told him: “Expressing how I feel and compliments are probably like two of the hardest things for me to do when I’m in a relationship.”

Tom stepped in: “You’re getting there.”

And Sophie made it clear that she wasn’t about to stray for another islander: “That’s the way it’s going. If someone came in here tomorrow, I’m not going to be remotely into them because I’m with you.”

Love Island 2016 continues tonight on ITV2 at 9PM.

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