Love Island 2016: Huge row erupts between Rykard Jenkins and the girls

love island 2016 rows

It all kicks off on Love Island 2016 tonight as Rykard Jenkins rows with the girls.

After winning yesterday's challenge, Rykard is given his pick of the ladies to take on a date and chooses Rachel.

Still officially coupled with Olivia, Rykard reassures her that he won’t ditch her.

A tearful Olivia then tells him: “I just want to be able to trust you. I haven’t trusted anyone else. I just don’t want you to mug me off. I want you to have my back like I’ve had yours.”

Later, Rykard admits in a chat with the boys that the girls’ constant interfering and support towards Olivia is starting to rile him.

Love Island 2016

He rants:“People are doing my nut in. I feel like, I’ve got this date with Rach and I’m a little bit optimistic about it, and I’ve got every person putting their little oar in saying ‘Rykard’s going to do this, Rykard’s going to do that.’

"Why don’t they back off a bit. Do you know what I mean? Kady and Zara and Olivia feel like they need to talk to Rachel before going on a date with me. Who has the right to do that? There’s no Girl Power here. It just showed me what people are like. That’s rude bruv. That shows little girls bruv. Kady is a little girl bruv. Zara is a little girl bruv.”

Love Island 2016

After his date with Rachel - which led to a massage and a kiss - Rykard took the opportunity to make his feelings known to Malin, Kady and Zara.

He says: “I’ve come here to talk about the whole girl chat that’s going on. What I don’t like at the moment is I’m getting Olivia coming up to me like more than once and she’s getting really upset. It’s ruining her time here so whoever’s putting things in her ears, just needs to stop. I appreciate you’re Liv’s mate Malin, but I don’t appreciate you going ‘don’t hurt Liv’ because I’ve never hurt her.”

The comments hastily rattle Malin, who reacts: “What are you on about? I talk to Liv all the time. I said it because she keeps coming up to me asking questions. Don’t come up to me and say that.”

The heated exchange is quick to escalate, as Rykard hits back: “What are you getting rowdy for?”

But Malin remains unapologetic, warning Rykard: “Don’t accuse me of saying that. She’s my friend you idiot. You’re a joke man.”

Undeterred, Rykard continues: “I don’t like Liv coming up to me crying, so whatever you’re saying to her, just stop it.”

Kady then intervenes, protesting: “No one’s made Liv upset. Has anyone made Liv upset? No one’s made Liv upset. She’s just worried about the situation.”

Kady later breaks down in tears while chatting with Scott on the bed: “How the f*** am I getting involved? Rachel just said to me shall I talk to Liv and I said ‘yes.’ I don’t give a s*** about this situation. ‘You’re upsetting Liv?’ Are you joking?”

Elaborating further in the Beach Hut, Kady admitts the whole confrontation took her by surprise: “It takes a lot for me to get confused. But for once in my life, I am so confused and speechless. What just happened?”

Love Island 2016 Kady

The tension remained far from resolved when Malin filled boyfriend Terry in on the drama, with a protective Terry angered by the way Rykard had spoken to Malin: “He needs to lower his tone down. Around me, around you, because I won’t stand for it. I mean that as well.”

Mulling over his next move in the Beach Hut, Terry surmised: “I know he’s got the hump about what’s going on and a load of the girls getting involved, but I just don’t want it done in front of me because obviously Malin’s my girl and I’m not going to have him talk to her like that.”

Love Island 2016 continues tonight on ITV2 at 9PM.

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