Love Island 2016: Meet the four new guys who will enter the villa TONIGHT

four boys love island 2016

A fresh injection of testosterone is heading for the Love Island 2016 villa as FOUR brand new boys join the Islanders for an evening of high stake speed dating.

In another unexpected island twist, only one boy will be sticking around – with the Love Island viewers deciding who is worthy of a permanent stay in paradise.

The seven ladies of the villa will cast their verdicts on the four hot new arrivals in a night of speed dating this evening (Tuesday, 9PM, ITV2).

Once each girl has gone one on one with each of the new boys, they will then collectively decide which two to put forward for the public vote on the Love Island app.

Of the two that remain, the guy that polls the highest vote on the app will then head back into the villa as yet another re-coupling looms....

The four new guys are...

Rob Dawe

Rob Dawe
Rob Dawe, 24, IT Sales Manager from Bedfordshire

- Rob is a former Mr Bedfordshire and finished in the top 5 of Mr England
- He has been single for ten months
- He has also worked as a model and part time musician

"I think Malin is quite beautiful," Rob says, "She’s got a nice, natural skin complexion and is very humble too, and down to earth. Very similar to me."


Adam Maxted

Adam Maxted
Adam Maxted, 24, Wrestler and Personal Trainer from Belfast

- Adam has been a wrestler for a year and his wrestling name is Flex
- He has also worked as a stripper in Ireland
- His most serious relationship ended six years ago after he cheated

"Kady seems the most my type looks wise," says Adam, "At the start it was Olivia because she has a great personality and is always upbeat. But also Sophie as she’s that little bit older and I’m quite mature. I don’t feel any loyalty to the guys, I don’t know them at the moment and I have to look out for number one."


Carl Woods

Carl Woods
Carl Woods, 27, Car Salesman from Hertfordshire

- Carl trains in the gym five days a week and half of his body is covered in tattoos
- Carl owns over 30 cars
- Carl broke up with his fiancée eighteen months ago

"I think Zara’s a little bag of heat and Kady is hot as well – if they’re coupled up I’ll happily take one of them off the guys’ hands," says Carl. "I like to go for what I want. I don’t let anyone stand in my way."


Luke White

Luke White
Luke White, 29, Singer from Romford

- Luke has only been single for a fortnight
- He appeared with the band Times Red on The X Factor in 2012
- His sister is The Voice star Lydia Lucy

"Rachel is really hot, and Olivia is nice but I feel like she might be smitten with someone else in there," says Luke, "Cara’s fit but she’s with Nathan."

See how everything pans out TONIGHT on Love Island 2016 from 9PM on ITV2.

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