Love Island 2016: Kady McDermot and Scott Thomas have it out

Kady and Scott Love Island

Kady McDermot and Scott Thomas have it out in tonight's Love Island 2016.

It's after a dramatic row last night between Kady and new girl Malia Arkian which ended up with Malia being REMOVED from the villa.

Still furious about Scott’s behaviour towards her the night before, Kady began yesterday adamant that it would be a Scott free zone, telling Zara: “I’m thinking I’m not going to speak to Scott today. If I talk with him I’m going to fight with him. I don’t want to give in and be all nice to him because I’m really annoyed. I’ll just remove myself from the situation and I don’t want to talk to him.”

Kady’s cold shoulder definitely had the desired effect on Scott, who told the Beach Hut: “Last night I didn’t sleep a wink worrying about it, and I don’t like to be the bad guy.”

After seeking advice from Terry, Scott resolved to make amends, asking Terry to ask Kady over to the outside bed area.

There, Scott apologised and came clean about why he had boasted about his date with Malia: "I just feel like with me and you I’ve got my guard up so much and I wanted to come in last night with those two girls and yeah, I wanted to give it the big ‘un but I wanted to do that for two minutes, because that was my way of seeing whether or not you cared. Because you wouldn’t tell me otherwise."

Kady was unrelenting, bluntly telling Scott: “Do you know why I got annoyed? Because when you walked in, the first person you should have made eye contact with was me. You handled it completely wrong.”

Scott continued to appeal to Kady, telling her: “I’ve got my guard up. I’ve seen what’s happened to Rykard in here. I don’t want to get mugged off. I’ve seen what’s happened to nice guys in here. I don’t want to be a mug. I’m trying to play a different game with you. I don’t feel safe with you.”

Kady hit back: “So you still don’t feel safe with me?”

Scott retorted: “No. I just feel like you’re here to f*** with people’s heads. You haven’t but I’m still wary of you.”

In spite of his concerns about Kady, Scott admitted he couldn’t see anyone else catching his eye in the same way: “How am I going to get on with anyone better than you in here. I’m so sorry. I’ve really missed you. I hate arguing with you.”

Will the pair stay as a couple or has Scott blown his chances?

Love Island 2016 continues tonight on ITV2 from 9PM.

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