Love Island 2016: Rykard Jenkins makes a move on new girl Rachel Fenton

Rykard and Rachel.

Rykard Jenkins makes a move on new girl Rachel Fenton on tonight's Love Island 2016.

Yesterday saw Rachel enter the villa and go on a date with Daniel, who is currently coupled with Zara.

Chatting in the beach hut about the two girls, Daniel said: “Generally I go for a bit of a naughty…a bit more of a naughty pickle, you know? A girl with a bit more ‘ooomph.’ Obviously if Rachel wants to get to know me I’m more than open to the idea of her getting to know me and if things progress and she starts to like me and I actually start to like her I’m going to be completely honest with my feelings and I’ll be completely honest with Zara.”

Later, after his date with Rachel, Daniel received a new text: “Zara and Daniel, this afternoon you are going on a date. Please get ready to leave the villa. #datingMissGB #datingGod.”

After a comical attempt at ostrich feeding, Zara revealed her real feelings for Dan during the dinner date that followed: “It is still very early days but I just think it’s just friends and don’t get me wrong, you’re such a lovely guy, and I really do think you treat a girl like a proper princess but I know straight away if I like a guy or not, and it’s not like we haven’t spent time together, because we have. Do you know what I’m saying? We have coupled up and you’re quite touchy feely with me? It’s just…”

Dan interrupted: “Not comfortable with you?”

Zara continued: “Not at all. And I don’t know I think sometimes it felt a little bit forced, which it shouldn’t have done. I just felt like you were trying to be like the other couples in the villa and you shouldn’t have been like that.”

Upon their return to the villa, Zara told the whole group that she and Dan had made agreement just to remain friends, with Dan already eyeing up Rachel for the next re-coupling.

However it seems as though Dan could go from having two girls to none.

In spite of all the signs pointing towards a union between her and Daniel, Rachel had her sights set on Rykard, admitting to Malin that she was no longer sure how she felt about Daniel: “Obviously I fancied Dan before I came in here but meeting him on that date, it was more kind of like a friend…he’s quite a friendly person. So I don’t know.”

Keeping her options open, Rachel told the Beach Hut that Rykard was in the fact the guy she was gunning for: “Obviously Daniel I was initially really attracted to him and I still am, I think he’s gorgeous, but Rykard I think he’s been the person that surprised me the most, how I wasn’t initially attracted to him and then when I’ve seen him and he’s been quite friendly, he’s actually quite sweet and endearing in a way.”

During a discussion with the other boys, Rykard also admitted that Rachel had definitely caught his eye: “When she come in I thought she was like the elf out of Lord of the Rings. That beautiful blonde long hair, posh and she spoke so nicely and do you know what…proper lady.”

In the Beach Hut, Rykard made no secret of his feelings towards Rachel: “I think Rachel’s fit, 100%. Look at her, she’s gorgeous man. She’s beautiful. Tall, smart, long blonde hair, do you know what I mean? Banging body.”

The attraction between Rachel and Rykard didn’t go unnoticed by Rykard’s current coupling Olivia, who admitted to Sophie: “It’s just another thing that I’m caught up in that I don’t want to be caught up in.”

Having failed to find a suitable match so far in the villa, Olivia told the Beach Hut that it was starting to take its toll: “I don’t know if Rachel likes Rykard or not. I think she would say that she does. Because the other couples are quite strong she sees a hole with me and Rykard. I just feel like such a gooseberry. I feel like the ugly apple. When there’s a box of apples, I feel like the bruised apple and I’m just never being chosen.”

Love Island 2016 continues tonight on ITV2 from 9PM.

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