Love Island 2016: MAJOR row between Kady McDermot and Malia Arkian

Love Island 2016 spoilers

Love Island 2016 Kady

There's a MAJOR row between Kady McDermot and Malia Arkian on Love Island 2016 tonight: SPOILERS!

Kady and new girl Malia clash in an argument that leaves Malia being removed from the villa after just ONE day.

It all begun when Daniel and Scott received a text to say that they’re heading out of the villa for the evening for a beer.

They later they received texts from two new mystery girls.

Love Island 2016's Malia
Love Island 2016's new girl Malia

An excited Scott’s message from Malia read: “I’m on my way to meet you. I’ve had my eye on you. I think we might have some things in common, which is lucky as I am a new Islander.”

She told him: “None of the other girls in there intimidate me whatsoever. I see the other girls as being ‘there’ and I’m way up ‘there’. I think you guys need to be careful, because girls are malicious.”

Scott revealed his true feelings about Kady to Malia: “With Kady, I like her, she’s mint. But I don’t really trust her.”

Malia warned him: “I don’t think you should. I think she’s out to get what she can, I think she’s young and she doesn’t know what she wants and you really need a woman, not a girl.”

Malia then asked Scott what his first impressions of her were: “I think you’re powerful. Someone like you is the only person who could walk into that house and own it with the s**t you’re about to deal with. I think you’ve got this b***h exterior that you want to give off, but I think you’re sound.”

Love Island 2016 Zara
Love Island 2016 Zara

Back a the villa, Kady and Zara begin to worry over how long their partners have been gone.

Zara tried to reassure Kady: “Maybe they’ve [Dan and Scott] just got a lot in common?”

But Kady remained unconvinced: “No. They’re on a date. There’s girls there, they’re getting to know each other. I don’t trust Scott as far as I can throw him. I hate not knowing. I don’t let him know I’m bothered. When he comes back, if he’s with a girl I’ll be chilled as f*ck. I can put an act on.”

Daniel and Scott sent selfies of themselves with the new girls back to the villa, causing a commotion amongst the islanders.

Zara shouted and screamed: “For f**k’s sake. Why me? All the time!”

Later on, the two boys and two new girls entered the villa together.

Whilst the new girls made their introductions to the islanders, Kady began to confront Scott in front of the group: “Are you f**king mad? You came in and you didn’t even look at me. Do you fancy her?”

Love Island 2016 Kady
Love Island 2016 Kady

After calming herself down, Kady decided to sit all the girls down around the fire pit to get to know each other.

As the girls got to know each other, Kady spilled her drink, splashing it over Malia’s legs and feet, who asked: “Did you do that deliberately?”

Malia immediately stood up and walked away from the group, saying to Kady: “If you wanna speak to me, just come in there. You don’t do that with me, not at all.”

Kady then stood up and shouted at Malia: “I swear to God, if you want to get rowdy… that’s a f**king joke. Do you honestly think I’d waste my wine over you? It was a f**king accident.”

Malia replied: “Shut up you b**ch. Who the f**k do you think you are?”

The girls then argued and during that time an altercation took place.

Love Island 2016 Kady
Love Island 2016 Kady

In the Beach Hut, Kady reflected on the night’s events: “Drink went down her foot, just a little bit on her foot. There’s no way someone’s coming in shouting at me like that. I mean, she hasn’t even been in the villa for five minutes. So I started getting rowdy back. The next thing you know, she full on shoves me. I’m a rowdy girl, but I’ve never in my life been in a physical fight. I think we both over-reacted to be honest. I just wish I’d let her shout, I wish I didn’t react back. I really regret it.”

In an interview filmed after she had been taken out of the villa, an apologetic Malia explained her actions, saying: “I’m not an aggressive person, I’ve never done anything like that in my life. I completely regret it. I’ve not had a chance to reveal who I am and what I’ve got to offer, and everything’s ended way too quickly. I want to apologise to Kady, I didn’t want that to happen. It’s not a ladylike thing to do, and I wouldn’t do that usually. It’s a horrible feeling.”

Love Island 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.