Love Island 2016: Meet new girls Rachel Fenton and Malia Arkian

love island 2016 girls

Love Island 2016 is about to get a big shake up in the form of two new girls.

Following the first recoupling and eviction on Friday night - which saw Javi Shephard become the first to leave - things are about to get turned on their heads.

Right now there are six guys and girls each happily partnered up but two newbies are about to rock the harmonious household.

Rachel Fenton and Malia Arkian are about to join the villa and they are more than ready to take down the other girls.

Love Island continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

Rachel Fenton

Love Island 2016's Rachel
Love Island 2016's Rachel

23-year-old nurse from Hampshire

"I’m so excited," says Rachel. I’ve been able to watch the episodes so it’s made me so, so ready to get in there now and couple up and meet all the boys.

“I’ve definitely got my eye on Daniel, I think he is just so gorgeous."

She adds: “He’s definitely my type, he’s quite well-spoken and he’s studied physiotherapy so our jobs are similar in a way so I think we’ll get on quite well.

“I like Scott too - he’s hot."

Malia Arkian

Love Island 2016's Malia
Love Island 2016's Malia

26-year-old singer from Manchester

Malia says of going into the villa a week after the others: "I am not worried at all, I think it's more exciting to be honest, what better entry than to go in on your own to intimidate all of the girls at the same time. "

She adds: "I am calm and collected and I know what I am doing.

"A lot of girls don't and I know the girls can read it on me that I know exactly what I am doing and if I really wanted to take their man I could. The girls need to watch out for me.

"I honestly think I am classic Coke and the other girls are generic cola."