Love Island 2016: Kady McDermot and Scott Thomas have a super awkward date

Love Island 2016

Kady McDermot and Scott Thomas had a VERY awkward date on Love Island 2016 last night.

New girl Kady had to choose two dates to make her dinner, and chose Daniel and Scott.

Over the starter that Scott prepared, he and Kady began to bicker over their true intentions. Scott told Kady: “I think you’re a bit of a serial dater. You can spend time with different guys quite easily and you’re quite comfortable with that.”

Fiercely denying it, Kady said: “No way. For me to chill with someone, I have to actually like them. I can’t do that with just anyone. Wow, you think I’m a proper game player don’t you.”

Laying his cards on the table, Scott said: “Our situation here feels temporary. One of us is gonna get swerved, one million percent. Even though we like each other and are enjoying each other’s time, I don’t see any longevity in it if that makes sense. You know what I wish now? I wish I’d stayed with Zara and I would have seen your f**king true colours.”

Shocked, Kady said: “Zara would go back with you in a heartbeat, so f**k off.”

Antagonising Kady further, Scott said: “Yesterday I really fancied you. I don’t know why, must be cabin fever but I thought you were fit.”

In the Beach Hut, Scott reflected: “If you give girls too much, they take the p*ss out of you. And that’s what I’ve done. I’ve let her know I like her and I feel like it’s going to come back to bite me in the arse. One of us is gonna hurt the other. I’m cringing about the fact that I’m laying in bed with her, kissing her and then in a couple of weeks she might be laying there with someone else kissing them. And I don’t like that. The date went awful. Right now, I’ve not got it under control. At some point I will though.”

Still annoyed by how the date with Scott went, Kady told the Beach Hut: “I was sitting at dinner and instead of thinking ‘I’d love to kiss you’, I was thinking ‘I’d love to punch you right in the face, you annoying b******d’. I don’t think he’s used to a girl that keeps him on his toes.”

Love Island continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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