Love Island 2016: Javi Shephard left raging at Scott Thomas

Love Island 2016

Javi Shephard is left raging on Love Island 2016 tonight after missing out on new girl Kady McDermot.

Currently single, Javi finds himself in a dangerous position as the first elimination looms.

He recently went on a date with new girl Kady but yesterday was left annoyed to find out she preferred Scott, who wasn't holding back from getting with her

Love Island 2016

That's despite Scott already being coupled with Zara, who was equally annoyed at him.

Yesterday in the villa - in scenes to be aired tonight - Javi lamented to Daniel: “The date went well, but she fancies [Scott]. You can’t help if someone fancies someone. There’s nothing wrong with me, I know I’m perfect in my eyes, I’m an awesome guy and an awesome catch. But I’m surprised Scott’s done that. If it wasn’t for him, I’d be coupling up with her.”

Javi continued: “You’re fine, you’ve had a very sophisticated and smart approach to having allies when s**t hits the fan. I don’t have Zara as an ally. Every time she opens her mouth she exhausts me.”

In the Beach Hut, Javi confessed that his options are increasingly limited: “The date today was great but she fancies Scott. My so-called best buddy here has f**ked it for me. He ends up doing the worst thing I could ever imagine him doing and ends up calling it quits with Zara.

"He left that plank of wood [Zara] and saw the yacht [Kady], chose to swim to me and now he’s up on the yacht and I’m not on the yacht anymore. I’m in s**t street now. I’m constantly thinking ‘how can I infiltrate someone else’s temple’. Everyone else has disappeared in their own little utopian world. The only options I have right now are in the hands of love gods.”

Elsewhere on Love Island 2016, Javi wasn't the only one getting a bet het up.

Cara revealed to the girls that she’s not allowed to touch Nathan at the moment as he’s too sexually frustrated. In the Beach Hut, Nathan admitted: “I’m very sexually frustrated at the minute, like unbelievably.”

Cara felt the same, but said that girls can hide it better. Sophie confessed: “If I was a boy, I’d have a h**d on.”

Love Island 2016

However, Malin didn’t appreciate the frequency of Rykard’s sexual innuendos: “Ry, I love him to pieces, but sometimes he’s too much when he’s talking about it. He’s always making [sexual jokes] and it puts me off him a little bit. I do fancy him, but the more he does it…”

Love Island 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.